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Recent content by MikeDV

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    Typhoon H and some extras - SOLD

    Yuneec Typhoon H hexacopter. Great drone, in very good condition. Comes with factory accessories and extras: Factory stuff: Standard Yuneec Typhoon H drone, NO RealSense module ST16 controller Wizard remote Single battery charger CGO3+ camera Yuneec backpack with molded interior, no rips/tears...
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    DNGs What do I do with them?

    Free. You can export from here. https://www.darktable.org
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    Typhoon H - $385 + shipping SOLD

    Yuneec Typhoon H drone with Real Sense module. This was crashed by the previous owner. I replaced the landing gear, (now operate normally) and one of the arm clips. Binds perfectly to the ST16 controller. Drone will bind with and control my CGO3+ camera, so all that is functional. All motors...
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    One thing after another

    I feel your pain, it seems like it's always something. When operating without problems the H is pretty cool. Unfortunately...seems like the issues take turns, and interact with other inter-related malfunctions. I always get the "obstacle avoidance failed" message when booting up. I just...
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    Needed - found

    Thank you! Very generous of you.
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    Needed - found

    I sold the Real Sense module on my H. Now I need the cover where it attached to the body. Anyone add a Real Sense that would like to sell that cover?
  7. Personal stuff

    Personal stuff

    personal yuneec stuff
  8. real sense shipping receipt

    real sense shipping receipt

    shipping receipt
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    All prices include ground shipping from Phoenix and Paypal. Actuator landing gear motors, two work (see video), third one did work before I took it apart, so I can't demonstrate it and don't want to re-assemble. All landing gear parts/pieces including actuators and two sets of foot covers. $105...
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    am I crazy for passing on this

    If you have the money, the willingness to deal with the size and amount of gear, and the time/incination to learn the system and fly it effectively - go for it! Value seems there with all the extras. Yuneec company problems are the worst part of it. Seems like buying an older Cadilac Escalade...
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    Yep, still have it.
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    Here's a link to Paypal: Send Money, Pay Online or Set Up a Merchant Account - PayPal I can send you those pictures directly, but those three are pretty clear in the link above. Updated firmware (you can see that in the picture), and it works normally to bind to a camera and to a Typhoon H...
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    If someone wants the whole bunch - MINUS the picture of the fully intact bird with the Real Sense module shown - $475 which includes ground shipping and Paypal. Seems like all of the parts separately (judging from eBay sold prices) would bring more total, but I'd like to be done with this, maybe...
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    Paypal. There are others, but this is the one I use. If you have another method, I could look into it. No, eBay isn't the way, they charge for their advertising. Paypal is free to send money, and if the seller pays their fee of 2.9% (which is charged even if eBay is used), there is a...
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    Yes. Trying to figure prices right now. How much of the landing gear are you interested in? parts, or the package - actuators, partial legs, foot coverings? I can give you a price on all the landing gear stuff together, my preference. Make an offer, or I'll be posting prices within the next...