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Recent content by richard bottos

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    Realsense released, caused unexpected behavior

    Same problems occur flying around my metal roof to check out the roof and leaves. Starts getting "flighty". However, does make a good leaf blower!
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    Custom typhoon h setup

    thanks for your service. I am also disabled vet.
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    for sale: CGO3+ camera and gimbal for typhoon H

    sold, see first post. \thanks for interest
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    Purpose of a Drone - Photography

    I'm going to echo bb1040. At 74, my hands aren't like they used to be, just got used to heli with stabilization, and hands went to wiggle mode, Sure is neat to watch, but **** on airframe. I need the added stability of the yuneec products to take pictures. Had 5004k and sold it to get typhoon...
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    Compass calibration thoughts

    I have just competed my latest upgrade, even though all was working well, no gps errors or such. Now trying to calibrate compass, I get an immediate gps error on the st16. I had no error condition prior to the upgrade, and repeated the upgrade twice with no problem. I moved the st16 about 20...
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    Photoflying under bridges

    I developed for a customer, a y6 that had a camera that could be rotated + or - 90 degrees from horizontal. The camera also extended from the front of the aircraft to have clear up and down vision. These are custom made drones, not something you can find at your friendly best buy!. These flew...
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    for sale: CGO3+ camera and gimbal for typhoon H

    I put the peau 8.25 FL on. I like the peau "zoom" effect , so i decided to release the older 3.97 of the original lens. It is in perfect focus and the apparent 2x zoom is evident. Now i can fly higher to get normal ratio, but can get lower for closeups. I bought the second camera to have...
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    for sale: CGO3+ camera and gimbal for typhoon H

    For sale; CGO3+ camera and gimbal, SOLD .
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    Monitor Views

    comes as a pair and works well link in forum somewhere.
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    Peau Lens Upgrade

    I see what's wrong, the picture is backward as you can see from the traffic going on the wrong side of the road.;)
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    CGO3+ Stock Camera Mod

    vimeo from slow broadband upload and size limited. this was with peau 8.25 lens on the cgo3+. I recommend it. The vids on my 4k monitor and 4k video card are really good. File sizes are large 1 to 2 gb. I only have 22 gb per month for my 100.00!!! Sorry for choppy, smallest vid I made that day...
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    CGO3+ Stock Camera Mod

    Wetlands, 400 ft alt, 1/4 mile out peak 8.25 lensYUN00204 by richard bottos posted Jan 22, 2017 at 7:16 PM
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    CGO3+ Stock Camera Mod

    Pix video follows
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    CGO3+ Stock Camera Mod

    I have the peau 8.25 lens, and installed it myself. You just have to be careful when removing (epoxy?) holding the non thread yuneec mount. If you scrape with exacto and remove two screws , you can then mount the new (required 12mm mount). I had difficulty focusing, and with help from peau...
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    Ultrax 6300mAh 14.8v 4S replacement lipo battery for Yuneec Typhoon H drone RC Quadcopter

    without camera, the 6600 lihv (hk) was working at 19 minutes with 15.0 volts! when the extreme toilet bowl went to ground. **** magnetic roof! Just need to add terminals to 8000 and test with camera of course. I'll see how it goes.