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Recent content by Ron_Dog

  1. Ron_Dog

    And it was bound to happen...

    If you "lift off" from a uneven surface the quad will tend to drift towards the lower side during flight,so finding a level surface to lift off from is the best! That being said,if you know how to fly (RC) it isn't as big of a deal just correct it with the sticks as you fly ( I wish Yuneec would...
  2. Ron_Dog

    GUI connection

    Yes that is where you plug into The GUI! There are two separate plugs on the usb wire,remove the end section and you will see a plug that will fit into the one on the Q 500.
  3. Ron_Dog

    Still photos only above 1080, F25 !?

    I figured it stood for "1 Dumb Guy" to fly in that high wind! LOL!
  4. Ron_Dog

    Short Flight at the Club

    We took the girls out swimming and I used it as a excuse to fly and shoot some video!
  5. Ron_Dog

    ignore! Sorted

    Strange? Mine came from the factory with a 4 GB card in the ST10+ controller? I removed it and replaced it with the camera 16GB card,then put a 32 GB in the camera. I don't shoot 4 K video,but do take a lot of pictures,so the 32 GB is plenty big enough for my use.
  6. Ron_Dog

    Test Footage Using Poloar Pro ND4 filter

    The props will show up if you have your camera panned up and fly fast forward,or get a strong gust of wind. Panning your camera down a little (doesn't take much) will keep them out of the video most of the time,unlike DJI that constantly has them in the video.
  7. Ron_Dog

    Yuneec NFZ map/database

    It's crap!
  8. Ron_Dog

    Still photos only above 1080, F25 !?

    I definitely knew,I had underestimated the wind once it was aloft!:D If the wind is blowing hard at ground level,it's going to be worse up higher!:eek:
  9. Ron_Dog

    Best online spare parts for Q500 4k

    I had a guy show me how to tighten the props on the Q 500,and it works well,never had a prop come loose yet!:) I use the "included prop wrench" and tighten until they slip, (motors) in the wrench! It will let them slip once the reach a certain point,kinda like a torque wrench. This works great...
  10. Ron_Dog


    Or maintain altitude,or come back home either!:D
  11. Ron_Dog

    Lipo Storage at Full Charge?

    Thanks,Guy's!:) I won't have to discharge them as often now! I have also noticed that both battery's (since new) have always had one cell that reads 4.19 while the other two cells read 4.20?
  12. Ron_Dog

    Popham Beach Maine, USA

    That is a great video!
  13. Ron_Dog

    A Yuneec Birthday Greeting

    That is really cool!:)
  14. Ron_Dog

    Strange Picture in Sunset

    Yeah,it's strange? I didn't see it in the screen when I was taking the shot!
  15. Ron_Dog

    Lipo Storage at Full Charge?

    How long will you leave your Lipo's at full charge? I've had mine at full charge for 2 day's maximum! I can't stand to leave them fully charged any longer for fear of damaging them. I then discharge them into "Storage Voltage" (3.8 V per cell). Can I leave them at full charge for a longer period...