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Recent content by Shawn4483

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    How to tilt camera up/down in Controller mode

    all these returns! I believe this is a firmware issue. I’ve had mine for a year now and one of the recent updates were bad. It caused connection problems and flight control problems. I downgraded to an earlier firmware and fly without hitches now. Think that may resolve most of these problems.
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    Micro usb problems

    Ok.. so I’ve solved my problem. Apparently the micro usb will not work while the white led is lit.. need red or green as if it’s available to connect. After lots of powering on and off it finally launched its WiFi, I was able to reconnect with my phone, formatted the int memory, and was able to...
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    Micro usb problems

    If I can get the breeze to start up properly with the red/green light and connect to my phone, I’m going to try and format the internal memory.. maybe the computer will recognize it then. As for now it’s lots of powering on and off looking for the correct start up. Maybe 1 in 100.. this cant be...
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    Micro usb problems

    I’ve nearly got a brick here. I’m in the US and our firmware still isn’t allowing the breeze to send WiFi consistently.. lots of powering on and off. I was going to revert back to an earlier firmware but can’t get my computer to recognize I have anything plugged in. Is it possible the micro usb...
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    Cannot update firmware - newly purchased drone

    I've had my breeze since November and periodically check for updates. I'm getting the same error asking me to check my network connection, so it's not really a newly purchased issue. I do have the most recent firmware that was causing all the problems. From my understanding the new firmware...
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    I use an iPhone 6s and have had great luck with my controller setup. No video loss, and I like the fact that while flying in fpv mode, the breeze will not fly below your pre-set take off height. No accidental groundings. It took a little digging to figure out how to connect at first as the...
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    Buggy Update

    I've been following all the posts here and have had all the same issues with the new firmware. (Blue screen of suspense until the drone lands itself). After turning airplane mode on,and wifi on, I was still a little apprehensive about going up. Knowing the cellular data is off, I was worried...
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    Breeze wifi problems

    I actually did see that thread. Is this the one you tethered?
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    Breeze wifi problems

    FLYXLSA, I'm having the same issue with mine. I updated my firmware before first flight, and have the same updates you do. This is the most recent. I'm also dropping connection from 30ft away on every flight. Hopefully it's resolved soon. I can say that if Wi-Fi isn't restored, it will...
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    Breeze Drone WiFi lost after Firmware upgrade

    Ive recently had the same issues. I just purchased the breeze Wednesday 1/11/17. Set up went well, an I updated the most recent firmware Unfortunately, I lost wifi connection on the first flight and the drone was unresponsive. It set itself into "return to home" via gps and started an...