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battery charger

  1. B

    New batteries are erroring when trying to charge

    I got new batteries for my TYPHOON H, and they keep erroring after a 30 secs, And sometimes when I unplug the charger and plug it back in with no battery's plugged into it, its says its balancing cells.
  2. W

    Off brand Battery charging.

    I recently bought two Gens ace 6S 5000mAh 45C 22.2V LiPo Battery Packs Can they be charged using the charger that comes with the H920? If not what would be a good charger for these batteries?
  3. Merhlin

    Battery Charging (Typhoon H +) DY5 Charger

    Winter months here in Kansas mean my Typhoon H Plus is going to need to have it's batteries charged in "storage" mode. I'm new to the Yuneec DY5 Battery Charger I just purchased and received. It seems simple enough but I have a couple of questions about the "Storage" function. How long do I let...
  4. M

    Battery Charger

    Hi, I am in the UK. What make/model of battery charges are there in the UK where I can charge multiple Typhoon H batteries at the same time (minimum of 2) and also have an option for leaving the batteries in a storage state as well. I have seen the A10 charger, but want to know what else...
  5. M

    LI-PO Battery Charger Suggestions Please

    Hi there, After using my Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K a few times i realised that a few of my batteries began to swell slightly. After looking online i found that it had been the way i had been storing/charging my batteries. Previously i had just been using the standard charger that comes with the...
  6. B

    Expanding ST16 battery life

    Has anyone tried to extend the battery life on their ST16 by using a USB battery pack/power bank? I've tried a couple of times to charge the st16 while operating using the external battery packs. I can get the battery to maintain its current charge but never actually charge. Last time I tried...
  7. R

    Typhoon H accessories for sale

    I have some Typhoon H accessories I'm trying to sell. If you are interested, let me know. Battery and charger - $175 Wizard Wand - $125 Extra props 6 a and 5 b - $20 (Plus shipping) [email protected]
  8. F

    Yaneec power 4 issue plz help

    Just bought the brand new typhoon with two battery. I get blue blinking light when I try to charge it. I pushed it all the way down on the charger and it fits well . Also when I insert same battery into the unit all the lights on Typhoon h start blinking with beeping sound. Any idea how can get...
  9. N

    New Product? Venom Pro 4-Port [Cradle] Charger for Typhoon H

    (Updated 02Mar17) New Product? Venom Pro 4-Port [Cradle] Charger for Typhoon H Greetings! After following you all for awhile, learning, looking for advice, and researching (battery chargers most recently), I decided to jump in and officially join the club. Why? I was about to pull the...