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  1. JPThompson

    Binding after wand use

    So, this is my first post. Forgive me if it’s been resolved elsewhere. I’ve done a search and gotten some useful information, but none specific to my issue. I’ve flown my H for months with no issues. The other day, I decided to try out the wand, (which had sat stored in the case unused with...
  2. R

    :FLIGHT LOG UPLOADED: HELP flashing main Blue LED at startup AND when entering "system settings" on ST16

    Hi Everyone, Short version: 1) Hex lost a prop and fell from 125 ft... 5 other rotors helped from complete disaster (still pretty hard fall) 2) Took home and repaired with all my box full of parts 3) During repair, I DID remove my Intel RealSense 4) Grabbed my backup CG03+ went behind house...
  3. W

    Can't bind drone, no model shown in System settings

    I'm not sure how I did it however I can't get a model to display in my ST16. The camera is displayed but not the Typhoon H.as a model choice. The light on the front of the Hex Copter is flashing blue. I've tried "Model Select" and "New Model" however that only adds more choices on the model...
  4. A

    St16 Receiver Issues

    Recently I purchased the Itelite DBS antenna range extender to ensure stronger connections in urban areas. Extender...
  5. D

    Binding the Q500+

    Hello all. This is a request from a total newbie, so new in fact we haven't managed to get the thing off the ground yet. My friend and I are both photographers and thought the Q500+ would be a good addition to our kit so when one of our friends was returning to the States he offered to sell us...
  6. T

    Trouble with binding H920 and CGO4 (Also need ST24 manual)

    Greetings. I am a happy owner with both a q500+ and an H920 with CGO4. I've flown the H920 ship a couple times with no issues. However, now that I have the CGO4 hooked up, I have video from it but it just hangs there and wobbles back and forth like it has a mild case of sluggish Parkinson's. Of...