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Binding the Q500+

May 9, 2016
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SW London, UK
Hello all.
This is a request from a total newbie, so new in fact we haven't managed to get the thing off the ground yet.
My friend and I are both photographers and thought the Q500+ would be a good addition to our kit so when one of our friends was returning to the States he offered to sell us his one, he'd only flown it two or three times. Almost brand new and in sparkling condition. However he had sent it to Germany for a firmware update to the ST10+ (V1.07) and we had been waiting (with impatience) for it to return.
This weekend we got all the bits together and planned to see how it works.
Printed out the full user manual etc and thought we were ready to go.
But the aircraft will not recognise the controller.
Set about "binding" the aircraft to the controller and followed the procedure diligently but it just won't happen. The drone light continues to flash orange and there is no control evident whatsoever.
The camera image is received but there is no camera control and of course there is no drone control either.

So how do we get the drone to bind to the controller ?
At the moment we just have a pretty box of tricks that does nothing.
Help please - we're really keen to get this thing airborne.
Ha !
Found the problem.
Went to check the drone firmware this morning; downloaded the GUI etc and opened up the battery compartment and disconnected the wires from the velcro tab and voila !!
The little white connector wasn't, connected that is.
Previous owner had omitted to reconnect the thing.
All running now.
Now how do you fly this thing ? :(;):):):)

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