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  1. Dustoff

    Typhoon h propellers

    kind of a stupid question but looking on line for replacement blades. Problem all that I see on amazon say for the typhoon h480 . Also anyone have a preferred choice with blades . I lost four when I crashed and need a new set
  2. WEDWay

    Warbling Video Gone!

    After some initial tip overs and problems that broke a few Yuneec blades, I bought aftermarket blades. I was getting a warbling video shortly thereafter. I went back to Yuneec blades and my warbling video issues seem to have vanished as quickly as they came about. I have only one flight under my...
  3. WEDWay

    Mixing blades

    I am running many test trying to determine why the Jello Effect has started presenting itself in my videos. Today I attempted to balance my blades and go flying. I flew with a set of balanced blades and a set of unbalanced blades. I also secured the lens/antenna cover tightly just in case it...
  4. Chris McMillan

    Spare batteries, blades cheaper option?

    Has anyone looked at the offers from the WWW to pick up a good price for the add ons. There's some dealers quoting good prices on Yuneec products. Just a thought.