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breeze wifi

  1. DoomMeister

    How To: Breeze WiFi and Firmware Issues

    Many have had troubles connecting to the Breeze via WiFi. There are several reasons this can happen. the first and foremost is that the device being used is not compatible with the 5.8 GHz WiFi the Breeze requires. To check your device's WiFi capabilities see this thread Is my phone, tablet, or...
  2. DoomMeister

    How To: Tell if my phone, tablet, or pad is compatible with the Breeze?

    As a general rule your device must support 802.11ac WiFi to work with the Breeze. Some devices will work that only support 802.11a, but if your device only supports 802.11b/g/n it will not work with the Breeze directly. The best place I have found to check the specifications of your device is...
  3. Scott_in_Colorado

    Before you fly! (Fun quiz) : Can you answer these questions?

    Steve (Moderator) and I worked on a few questions to help all pilots understand the Breeze operation and functions. Many mishaps occur because we don't understand what will happen when we start pushing buttons or flying the Breeze. Take this short Quiz and test your knowledge!! 1) If your...
  4. E

    New drone owner and pilot

    so I just got a breeze 4K and have been unable to connect. I have an iPhone 6s Plus on a 5ghz router. Is pairing only allowed outside with gps? I’m currently indoors at home trying to get it to connect. I have not been able to see it show up on the WiFi list indoors. Any information would...
  5. F

    Firmware Issues / Breeze WiFi fix / Tips

    Hi, FYI.... I'm writing this to help others who may be in a similar situation as me. After my Breeze crashed a couple times due to faulty app and firmware updates I tried to contact Yuneec for help. I spent a long time on hold, and a long time with '0 minutes remaining' before I got hung up...