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How To: Breeze WiFi and Firmware Issues

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Dec 25, 2017
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Many have had troubles connecting to the Breeze via WiFi. There are several reasons this can happen. the first and foremost is that the device being used is not compatible with the 5.8 GHz WiFi the Breeze requires. To check your device's WiFi capabilities see this thread Is my phone, tablet, or pad compatible with the Breeze?. The other reasons stem from mismatches between Breeze firmware and the device used to run the Breeze Cam app. It can be a forced OTA firmware update that happens due to a change in location (a Breeze with American firmware moved to Europe), a failed firmware update, or a change in device used to fly the Breeze. Whatever the reason the Breeze no longer can be connected to via WiFi so it can be flown.

If you cannot connect at all to the Breeze with your phone/tablet/pad, then you need to load the Uncompressed Firmware to your Breeze to reestablish connectivity. Once that is accomplished you can allow the firmware to be updated OTA (over the air) or load a firmware of your choice using a USB connection to your PC. NOTE: If you are downgrading your firmware due to a forced OTA update that rendered your Breeze useless, you must put your device in Airplane Mode when you are connected to the Breeze or the forced update will occur again.

Here is the link to my Google Drive where I have the files stored for your convenience as well as instructions to load them on the Breeze Breeze 4K Firmware - Google Drive.

Many thanks to the members in the following links for learning and sharing their knowledge on this forum.

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