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New drone owner and pilot

Jan 15, 2018
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so I just got a breeze 4K and have been unable to connect. I have an iPhone 6s Plus on a 5ghz router.

Is pairing only allowed outside with gps?
I’m currently indoors at home trying to get it to connect.
I have not been able to see it show up on the WiFi list indoors.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I have attempted the WiFi with iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 5
When you power up the Breeze watch the LED in the arm near the camera. It will be red for several seconds then start flashing green. At this point you should be able to find the Breeze in the SSID list. Select it and after connecting start the BreezeCam app.
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I do see it turn green but it does not show up on my SSID. Am I missing something? The SSID name should be breeze right?
If you have never connected to the Breeze and renamed it in the app, the SSID should come up as BreezeXXXXXX where the X’s are a numeric string. If you are not seeing this on the phones try looking for it with a computer capable of 5GHz WiFi.

Just a thought, is your Breeze new or used? If it is used the SSID may have been changed to something other than BreezeXXXXXX. One more thing to check is the ‘Ask to Join Networks’ setting under WiFi in the phone settings. If it is turned on, try turning it off.

Let us know how it is going. You may have to contact Yuneec Support.
Thanks for the advice. I have made some progress. Changed the name and was able to connect to the drone. But being indoor I have not been able to get it to take off. I click on camera and I can’t see the image.
When you connect to the Breeze and open the BreezeCam app (BC), you should have a live camera view where the task button is on the left half of the screen.

As to flying indoors you should disable GPS by entering the task mode and turning off the GPS button on the upper left. Also check the color of each sensor icon on the top right. If any are red you not be able to lift off. Fly over a flat open area. DO NOT fly over furniture as the drone will try to maintain the minimum distance above ground.

Keep us posted on your progress.

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