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  1. NWSaint

    Best place to compass calibrate...

    Ok, seen many videos of where to calibrate.. the main guy i've been paying quite a bit of attention to on U-tube is Jeff Sibelius, as seen below.. the only thing I didn't like was that he did it with the GCO3 attatched.. but a couple things have crossed my mind.. 1). the last place I cal'd...
  2. Chevyfreke

    Communication breakdown. ( UPDATE )

    BOUGHT IT USED Ok so im have trouble with the aircraft not responding to my st16..I tried a couple different remotes on the H 920 and then tried them on my H pro. The H pro works perfectly fine with all the remotes and the H 920 still does nothing but... it will go up and engage the motors on...
  3. J

    Calibration tests

    I'm pretty new to flying drones. I got my first drone a while back then upgraded to a Typhoon H. flying it for a while and had a 15 ft high fall, but did research and repaired all broken parts but had to super glue a part of the camera (doesn't block any movement of the camera or its ability to...
  4. M

    GPS calibration says 'lower than 20% power" although drone is 95% charged?

    Having huge issues here, stressing me out! I can't even get the drone off the ground because i can't calibrate it. it's fully charged, but i click 'start' on the calibration page and it won't do it because less than 20% power which doesn't make any sense. what am i doing wrong here?
  5. D

    Stuck Up, Slammed Down

    I flew my 2-month-old H on a CCC route in both directions yesterday morning. That went fine until it was time to land from 250 feet up. Pulling full aft on the left stick did pretty much nothing except intermittently drop a few feet at a time and then hover. I finally switched to RTH to get it...
  6. arruntus

    How To: Basic procedures with the H520 and cameras

    [Mod Edit] A BIG thanks to @arruntus for putting together this thread... which pretty much has most of the instructional videos on the 520... :cool: =================================================== Basic Procedures (Getting Started) All the basic steps to make a flight. Spread arms, mount...
  7. CzarMark

    Calibration Issues / Compass Module Replacement

    I am having a low success rate of calibrating my Breeze. To date, I have only successfully calibrated twice out of thirty attempts. I am not confident in those successes, however, as one occurred on a concrete patio approximately six feet from a metal table, and the other occurred indoors. Most...
  8. S

    Typhoon H Pro Becomes Unstable at 14.3V

    Hello all, I just bought my Typhoon H Pro kit a little under a month ago from best buy. First and foremost i LOVE this drone. My first drone ever and I no doubt made the right choice after many months of research. It pains me to post about this not even a month after purchase but I need help...
  9. A

    Advice after my first crash and repair - chapter 2

    I got tangled in a branch and... you can imagine what happened. I've replaced all the broken parts and when turning the bird on to calibrate everything, noticed that my CGO 3 Pro vibrates something terrible. It vibrates very quickly and hums due to the speed of the vibration. If I grab ahold...
  10. P

    Symptoms of Compass Calibration Error?

    Hi Folks! I'm a relative "newbie" with my Yuneec Q500 4K drone. I try to follow all the guidance provided in the manuals and from most helpful folks here. I do have a question regarding the calibration of the compass and suspect it applies to other models as well. Although an inconvenience...
  11. Favid_Darace

    Precursor to my first Typhoon H flight

    Hi guys! I got my typhoon h pro over the break for Christmas and I have a few questions before I begin. 1. What do I need to do before my first flight? 2. What do you recommend for accessories? 3. Any tips You have so I don't do anything stupid? I have watched a lot of YouTube videos and read a...
  12. Morten

    Calibration problems

    Hi I have installed a new camera, since my old got busted and was "unrepairable". I installed this and I have since updated to newest firmware ( from 0ct. see attached picture). The problem is that the new software worked, I could toggle the LEDs, and calibrate and all..... I took it out today...