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cgoet h520 h st16s

  1. P

    CGOET blurry

    I am a cop and we have a new drone program. I am at training with many other drones. The dji flir is way better than the CGOET. I have never used it before. Has anyone else done a side by side with other platflorms. Is something wrong with mine? A setting mabey? I just opened the box
  2. S

    Is there a Thermal Reporting Software compatible with the CGOET?

    I have the H520 with the CGOET camera. I wanted to know if there is a software I could use for reporting which is compatible with the CGOET .mkv files? Is there a way to review the temperature data on the thermal videos.
  3. D

    H520 with Pix4D

    Hi, I am using the CGOET dual cameras (IR-RGB) on my H520. How do you process the IR data as to get an Orthomosaic of the IR images ?. Thx.
  4. Snagglesworth


    copter.eu - The YUNEEC Experts Latest news Looks like RGB and Thermal are recorded separately now.
  5. C

    Using CGOET w/st16s and H + CGOET and h520

    1st i bought the h520 on the premise it would work with cgoet. It was put to me it would. I got a Typhoon H that i know works with the cgoet and hoped it would work with the st16s. Mind i purchased the h520 and the cgoet specifically for inspection purposes for which i am in need due to a...