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  1. inspectorgreg

    CGOET not recording on camera sd card

    Hi everyone, I will make it simple as I can. The problem is SD card on CGOET is empty of files of data, MP4 or JPEG's. after 4 flights and 80 min flight time, not one of my stills or videos were recorded, why didn't they record and store on the camera's sd card. The controller screen tell me...
  2. Drones.scot

    CGOet Camera for H520

    Only been used twice, as new. This camera was purchased just over a year ago but was only used twice. I am looking for £1300, ONO. I am based in Perth, Scotland so if you are close by you can pick up otherwise I will post it out to UK residents.
  3. panthony

    CGOET Thermal Image Overlay

    It's been a year and I am just getting to the CGOET understanding. So far here is what I know. I will understand this technology... Is there a setting that will align the thermal image with the RBG for an accurate overlay. See attached...my thermal is of a lower resolution however it does not...
  4. J

    CGOET update v0.2.14

    Does anyone know what upgrades Yuneec did for this camera (2019 update) the thermal looks much clearer it’s actually somewhat useful. I was shocked after the update...
  5. S

    CGOET for H plus?

    Does the H CGOET work for H Plus? Anyone?
  6. P

    Getting the COGOET to work with 920

    Just got a new cgoet camera which I'm trying to use with my H920 + with the camera adapter installed. The camera connects and live output of camera is displayed. The problem is that that gimbal controls on the st-16 aren't working for this camera. Anyone have a work around for this?
  7. S

    Is there a Thermal Reporting Software compatible with the CGOET?

    I have the H520 with the CGOET camera. I wanted to know if there is a software I could use for reporting which is compatible with the CGOET .mkv files? Is there a way to review the temperature data on the thermal videos.
  8. C

    SOLD$1,499 - 2 Yuneec TyphoonH's, 2 cameras cgoet,cgo3+, 3 batt. 2 remotes -

    Yuneec Typhoon H with Intel Real Sense AND additional Typhoon H (no real sense, stock) AND 3 batteries AND ST16 remote controller AND Wizard wand controller AND CGO3+ 4K camera AND CGO-ET Thermal imaging camera. Yes, 2 drones, 3 batteries, 2 remotes, 2 cameras a 4k and a thermal imaging camera...
  9. Drones.scot

    CGOET recording thermal video?

    After taking the H520 out to test the thermal camera I noticed that there was two videos saved on the ST16 and not on the camera SD card, one named "date/time" and the other "date/time/thermal. Here's a one drive link to both Public Have any of you seen anything from Yuneec on this?
  10. Breizhdrone

    Search Yuneec thermal CGO ET for H480

    Hello, I'm looking for a second hand Yuneec thermal CGO ET for Typhoon H480 from Europe. Please, contact me by PM Thanks by advance
  11. A

    Returning my H520

    It's sad, but after trying every way possible to keep this thing, I've arrived at the decision to return it and move on. I was hoping that the affordable thermal solution would allow me to utilize the power of the H520 platform while the necessary fixes are being made to firmware to add...
  12. Mario Rivera

    Thermal images request

    Hello Friends. Im creating a cloud based tool to store classify and visualize thermal info. Wonder if somebody here can pass me a data set taken with a CGOet for testing purposes. Thank you very much.
  13. Breizhdrone

    H920 + camera adapter for CGO3+ & CGO-ET

    Hi, With the new H920 Plus camera adapter from Yuneec, the Tornado H920 Plus can now also be equipped with the CGO3+ 4K gimbal camera as well as with the CGO-ET thermal imaging camera known from the Typhoon H. Recommended retail price: 149 € with VAT in Europe. More infos in english: H920...
  14. Vertigo Drones

    CGO-ET Thermal Imaging Camera for the Typhoon H - Now Available for Pre-Order

    The much anticipated CGOET is now available for pre-order. We expect to ship by the 1st of December. Finalized pricing is not yet available but is anticipate to be $1999.99 - $2499.99. This unit is a 1-for-1 swap for the CGO3+ and provides enhanced low light capabilities along with thermal...
  15. bayport

    New camera - CGOET is coming soon... RGB low light & infrared cam

    Looks like Yuneec is also taking care about the industrial sector, the specifications and first impressions shown on the IFA in Germany are looking good so far. Hopefully the quality/capability is at least as fine as promised. Various applications are possible with this kind of equipment - solar...