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  1. SkyVidTek

    DIY LiHV Charge Cables

    I had previously made a few LiHV charge cables by painstakingly casting the individual connectors in JB weld, then encasing them in a 3D printed housing of my own design. But I thought I could put my unused Yuneec LiHV charger boxes to better use as they don't have a "store" function and were...
  2. W

    Controller will not charge

    Purchased the Breeze 4k a week or so ago. Finally opened the box today. Followed the instructions to the letter, but couldn't get the controller to charge. When the supplied USB cable didn't work, I tried several other cables and chargers just in case. All with the same result. Seems like a bad...

    Some questions before get a Typhoon H

    Hey Huys. I'm new this Typhoon subject. Now, Im getting ready to get my first Drone, and there some rounding me..... hope guys you can support me: 1. The MicroSD for the ST16, is this used for just metadata from controller? I mean, not video files. May I use for that like this...
  4. T

    New at this stuff. Battery after flight

    Should I charge battery after flying until I get low batt warning? I know I should let it cool first but if I'm not going up again until next day should I leave it or change it?
  5. S

    Unsure when to charge // voltage fluctuating

    Hey gang, I'm out flying again for the first time in a while. Stock battery, full charge. I fell like it drained awfully quick... I was down to 14.7 in a matter of like 2 minutes. Probably 50-80ft up there, no crazy wind. I did tinker around like 10 minutes on the pad with some camera settings...

    Video - Do each of your batteries have the same # of charges?

    Your Typhoon battery is only rated for a certain number of charges before it no longer performs well. You'll know it's nearing the end of it's life cycle when your flight time gets shorter and shorter. If you have more than one battery, then it is best to ensure that each battery gets an equal...
  7. S

    Battery Drainage Responsibility

    It was suggested to me by one of the tech guys at Yuneec that we should be landing H flights by 14.6. because of the lithiom battery type. We were once advised to run out batteries down to 1% (electronics in general) so you didn't undercut its next cycle potential... right? And apparently the...
  8. Chris McMillan

    Battery care

    As there's so many experienced Yuneec pilots on here, what's the best treatment for the H battery. Should you recharge regardless at the end of the day, even though you're down to, say, only 15v? Or should you wait until its discharged more after another flight. (Bearing in mind "low" warnings)