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  1. uprightpilot

    My Typhoon H Plus has a mind of it's own.

    I purchased my Typhoon H Plus back in September. I have had lots of issues with it: Tells me theres no SD card in when there is (i've tried various cards including the one the drone came with) The camera doesn't connect (very intermittent when it does and looses connection frequently) The...
  2. C

    Breeze 4K and controller having connections issues

    I first got the drone in April. For a month or so, everything was great and working as it should. Until one day, I'm flying the Breeze about 80 meters in the air and it loses signal. Typically this isn't an issue since it will usually return home upon losing signal, but my battery is running...
  3. M

    GUI on Win 10

    HI all, I know this has been covered before but I have huge problems with this. I am a mac user and only use windows as a virtual machine on my mac for the purpose of using the GUI. I have been using WIN 7 and so far all has been well, however I decided to take the free win 10 upgrade (will I...
  4. B


    From Yuneec Tech Support - A Reset Feature. See my reply below. I apologize for the late reply, we have been having some systematic errors here on our end. I have read your email and was going to let you know that you can try doing the reset on the Breeze unit if you'd like. What you would have...
  5. T

    Typhoon G, Video signal loss on every flight

    I love my Typhoon G, but ever since I purchased it I have had issues with losing video connection. Anything further than about 50 feet away from the controller and I lose the video feed. Anyone have any sugestions on how I could fix this problem. I contacted Yuneec but they wanted me to send...
  6. M

    No RC connection after firmware update!

    Hi, I've just updated my st16 and the typhoon with the new firmware, but now my controller doesn't recognize the typhoon. It find and connect the camera but no rc connection. The rear LED flashes about 7 times blue and 2 times yellow and every 10 seconds (more or less) emit a beep . Please can...
  7. Dey

    Video cut out

    My typhoon g is new. 1st couple of flights reception for video was fine. It now cuts out at about 60 to 80 ft distance and only reconnects when very close to the controller. I've checked the connections and did what I could look at with the settings. It works when close but is slow...