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  1. B

    JPGs getting Corrupted

    Recently having issues with random corrupted jpeg images. Any suggestions as to the cause? Just did a check, in Lightroom, the dng files do not seem to have the issue. These are taken with a CG03+ on an H.
  2. S

    Corrupt Video

    Hi everybody So I got a little problem: I flew this Saturday, it was really cold (-13°C; yes i flew with heated LiPos). Everything worked fine, took a bunch of photos and a video (4K25, about 4Mins long). The Photos are fine and look great. But: As soon as I landed, I shut down the H...
  3. T

    CGO3 camera SD card problems

    I just recently bought a Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K and I'm having problems with the CGO3 camera. The cameras SD-card slot has these problems: - Sometimes the SD card is not detected at all - Sometimes it detects the card, but doesn't write anything to it (even if the GUI on the ST10+ remote...