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  1. B

    Amazon's Newest Patent for Drone Deliveries.

    Consider the parachute. How long has it been around for? In a sense, it may be one of the more versatile inventions out there. It helped bring the Apollo Space capsule to an easy landing. It helped many paratroopers land without injury. Now, it is set to design to help Amazon land your smaller...
  2. Chris McMillan

    Australia, take action for delivery

    Just off the phone with Yuneec......supposedly the Typhoon H units are leaving Hong Kong today! The guy I spoke with over there is very aware of lateness of dispatch to us...... It seems he's told what to do by management. He seemed surprised to learn that some people in the US are now flying...
  3. Chris McMillan

    Delivery update for Oz

    Well, it's just gone 8 pm Friday night here, so maybe the dealer phone call I'm waiting on isn't happening! In a word..... Nothing In two words.... Next week (sorry, three words....) Maybe. It seems they're coming from HK, awaiting payment clearance. (Teeth grinding noise here) Yeah, after all...
  4. Chris McMillan

    Delivery update for Oz

    Good news, bad news..... According to my contact in the importers for the H...... The bad news, Australian units have not left China yet. The good news?.... They're getting them air freighted. Mind you this is the same guy that confidently announced 2 weeks ago... "They'll be here in ...... 2...
  5. Chris McMillan

    Are we there yet? Delivery....? Anywhere?

    Just a general shout to anyone who receives their H to post here so as to give the remaining "waiters" some hope! Signed, "Losing the will to live" Australia.
  6. Chris McMillan

    "H"eads up for the Oz crew!

    Just spoken to my dealer... They heard from the importers yesterday that units are due toward the end of next week, for delivery soon after... And from what I gathered, he couldn't wait to get them out to save any more pressure on them! Clearly, the dealers want this over as much as anyone, so...
  7. Chris McMillan

    A special greeting to "H" waiters...

    May the fourth be with you... By the way, I adore Typhoon H delivery deadlines... I love the "whooshing" noise the make as they rush past
  8. Chris McMillan

    More H delays... In Oz

    Sorry to be the bringer of frustration for H aficionados in Australia.... Just been chatting to my best new friend in the Company that imports Yuneec for Australia, and the news is grim. The units have not even left China yet, as of today. It will be at least a 4 week transit from there. So...
  9. Chris McMillan

    Playing us for fools on the H?

    Make your own minds up, here's the long awaited clip from the Roswell guy.... An interview with Trent.... Firmly toeing the company line... I love the "couple of weeks" answer to the "how long" question..... Now wait, where have I heard that before? Can't help thinking the follow up question...
  10. Chris McMillan

    Latest from Yuneec....Australia

    Yuneec APV have advised the H is slated for Australian delivery early May. For anyone keeping score in Oz.
  11. Chris McMillan

    Rethink on the "H"?

    After receiving another slice of bad news this morning (from a very reliable source), I'm now wondering, a full 3 months after initial announcement and no updates from Yuneec, whether it's now time to seriously reconsider the pre purchase I've made. It seems we now have "May" - no date - as...
  12. Chris McMillan

    Delivery dates around the world (supposed)

    I thought it would be interesting, for those who have preordered a Typhoon H, to see what delivery dates have been quoted around the world. Here in Melbourne Australia, I've been given 28th April in store. Not really sure if that'll happen as I can't find if they've even left China yet. Let us...