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  1. HRC

    ST-10+ and DJI Mavic Mini

    Hello, I own a Typhoon q500 4k drone with a st10+ remote. My neighbour has recently purchased a DJI Mavic Mini. Will the two remotes interfere with each other if we both flew at the same time? Thanks
  2. E

    Worth it?

    Hi all, I’m new .. literally just made an account. I wanted to buy the DJI Spark Controller Bundle set but everywhere is sold out (thinking it’s discontinued) so I searched for more drones in the same price range and found this brand and model. I’m really debating on buying it today but.. is...
  3. F

    Has everyone switched from Chroma to something else? or tried oculus go to FPV?

    Hey guys, owner of a chroma for about 4 years.... I know the drone was discontinued some time ago... Do you guys still fly yours? I know I fly mine maybe once a month. I actually just bought the Itelite extender on a whim... My chroma is still a great camera drone... but it seems all the...
  4. Steve Carr

    False Advertisement?

    DJI: False Advertisement or Failure to Read Fine Print? The denied a claim because the pilot was flying over water. But here is a frame grab from their promotional video for the Mavic Air.
  5. J

    DroneU podcast on merits of H520

    ADU 0715: Why didn't we use the Yuneec H520 to shoot our mapping course? - Drone U™ Pretty long winded and full of self promotion at the beginning, but the bulk of the discussion is on the merits of using the H520 in comparison to a P4. They seem to love the H520 on the whole. The main issue...
  6. G

    Is the Typhoon H480 a good Christmas present?

    I say it is the best value in its price range and class considering it is a hexa. However, according to the linked guide below based on new models and accessories for 2017, the DJI MP and P4 are the top two, with the Yuneec H520 being #3 in the $500-2000 range. The H520 has no camera, so...
  7. gwhuntoon

    DJI's scanner can nab info on drones mid-flight

    DJI's scanner can nab info on drones mid-flight
  8. Wingshooter

    Q5004k -vs- Typhoon H and the Camera Differences

    Does anybody know or have experience enough to list the differences between the two camera's from the Q5004k and the Typhoon H? Specifically the settings that can be manipulated during flight like ISO etc...... Are the video's better? Also are the actual pictures / video that noticeably better...
  9. R

    Good Bye To Breeze... Hello to ?

    Good bye Breeze, Hello to Dji Spark Fly more Combo on Pre Order.... Got Fed up with waiting for yuneec to fix the FPV goggles kit problem with my andriod Galaxy s6 on nougat firmware, Could not use due to the app resetting to main screen when clicking on fvp to controller like the guy in this...

    DJI entering the commercial drone market stronger than before

    We all know that the Typhoon H has found service in the commercial inspection market. Now DJI is pushing to lead that market with this very modular drone:
  11. jazzman81

    Atlanta Pilots FaceBook Group

    I created a FaceBook group for Atlanta pilots. It's called "Atlanta Aerial Videography & Photography". Please join the FaceBook page if you want to meet up in the Atlanta area. This group is for drone operators that like to use their drones/UAVs for Aerial Photography and Videography and are...
  12. -=Falcon=-

    Hi From A New Typhoon H Owner On The West Coast of Canada

    I just made my first post a moment ago in the Typhoon H forum. I'm proud to say I'm a new owner. What a decision process it's been but thanks to BestBuy this morning it finally broke the stalemate. I was also extremely tired of reading all the lengthy reviews and serious attempts at discrediting...
  13. C

    Hello any drone flyers from New York?

    Hello, I used to own a drone but I'm planning on purchasing another drone soon the dji Mavic Pro it's amazing. I live in Yonkers,New York and was wondering if anyone know's any fields,parks, and or piers or anywhere in yonkers,Bronx,New York or westchester county where it's ok to fly drones with...
  14. N

    Why I returned my Typhoon H!

    First off, I am not here to talk bad about Yuneec or say that people shouldn't buy the Typhoon H, I am just explaining the reasons I returned it. Like many others, I pre-ordered the Typhoon H and could not wait to get it. Sadly the first one I got a big time camera issues and it took a month to...
  15. A

    WIN DRONE DJI PHANTOM 4 + GOPRO [giveaway]

    WIN GOPRO HERO 4 AND DRONE DJI PHANTOM 4 (jackpot:2000$) New contest "sybrillo" where you can win a gopro hero 4 and a drone dji 4 phantom. Click the link to participate:https://wn.nr/h4zPLU still 2 days (no spam)