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Has everyone switched from Chroma to something else? or tried oculus go to FPV?

Aug 11, 2019
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Virginia Tech, Raleigh NC, Lexington MA
Hey guys, owner of a chroma for about 4 years.... I know the drone was discontinued some time ago... Do you guys still fly yours? I know I fly mine maybe once a month. I actually just bought the Itelite extender on a whim...

My chroma is still a great camera drone... but it seems all the forums are completely dead for the chroma.

If you got rid of yours, what did you go to and what was better or not about the upgrade? If you kept your existing chroma setup, would it have made more sense to just keep it based on what you made when you sold it and what you put into the new drone? And quality wise was the new drone worth it?

What actually competes with these at the same price point? I know when I bought mine the DJI phantom 4 was the competition but those things (doing a quick google search) are still way up there $$ wise. I've been thinking of selling my chroma/hardcase/st10+/CGO2 1080p/3 batteries... but I can't get half of what a new discontinued DJI phantom 4 is going for so it makes sense to keep my current setup.

Also just got an oculus go and am 50% of the way to figuring out the sideloading feature to sideload the cgo2 app.... has anyone done that? does it work? Is there a reasonable alternative if that app doesn't work?

Any input is appreciated, thanks guys!
@WTFDproject flies the Chroma. He is very knowledgeable regarding that aircraft as well as the Q500 and the Typhoon H.
The H would be an excellent choice since you are already familiar with the ST10+. You can find an H model any where from $600 to $900. You can use any HDMI goggles with the ST16. The Yuneec Skyview Goggles sell for $50 on eBay.
@FlyguyMX ,
I doubt you realize it, but you just asked the hardest question for a forum to answer. In effect, you asked "what is right for me". Ultimately, only you can answer that. We can, however, offer some thoughts to help you make that decision.

As @Steve Carr mentioned, I fly mostly Chroma, Q500 and Typhoon H. Of these, my favorite is the Q500 series. But that may not be the best choice for you.
The Q500 has completely different hardware than the Chroma, but it's flight time, features, and capabilities are pretty much the same. It uses the same cameras (slightly different camera power options), and it uses the same controllers. You would not gain much in flight characteristics by choosing the Q500. Q500 parts are more available, but repair is more difficult on the Q500. While the Chroma can be disassembled by unplugging connectors, the Q500 requires soldering on some of the main components. The Q500 is also notorious for it's bulk, need for tools to remove landing gear, and general inconvenience when traveling.
The Typhoon H is a very good buy for its capabilities. It can do more photography work, such as panoramas, it can follow preset flight patterns, and it has a longer flight time. It is gaining reputation as a generally reliable bird, but parts are sometimes hard to find when things do go wrong. It shares the Chroma advantage of basic break down without use of a soldering iron.
No, I'm not about to give up my Chromas. Too much actual value versus what sales would bring.

I can't help much with the Oculus GO. If it will not connect directly to your existing CGo2, it is not likely to connect directly to the later cameras. I briefly looked at it's website, and saw no options for connecting via HDMI. Someone else may know more about that.

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