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  1. K

    Failed firmware upgrade - failed to initialize camera

    Dear fellow Yuneec drone users, I tried to update the firmware of my Yuneec Typhoon H. It failed. Now I can not connect to the camera. I created a copy of the previous profile under model select. Did a new bind. It gets telemetry, but I get an error, that the camera cannot be initialized. When...
  2. A

    Network Error using the app

    I haven't used the 4k much and got it just because I think drones are cool. I would like to get better at flying and using the app as I have some vacation coming up and would like some cool shots. However, I can't seem to get passed
  3. M

    Gimbal not pointing forward after cal

    Hi all, Been flying my H for a week or so without the camera, which incidently is really good fun. So, I snapped the CG03+ back on and it was facing around ten degrees to the left once it connected to the ST16. So, I set pan to zero, tilt to normal and did a gimbal calibration. Camera does not...
  4. Q

    Typhoon H Timelapse Problem.

    Hello, I am new here and I have a question about the timelapse of the typhoon H. I was taking a timelapse of a house with the Point Of Interest. I let it take pictures for about 90 seconds but it only took 6 images, and the last image was crashed, split in half with green or grey background. I...
  5. M

    IPS Error showing in GUI

    Hi Chaps, I have an IPS error showing when I connect the GUI What is IPS? I Have H realsense version, later model Oct 2016 All firmware updates installed, flies brilliantly, solid as a rock.
  6. F

    Yaneec power 4 issue plz help

    Just bought the brand new typhoon with two battery. I get blue blinking light when I try to charge it. I pushed it all the way down on the charger and it fits well . Also when I insert same battery into the unit all the lights on Typhoon h start blinking with beeping sound. Any idea how can get...
  7. S

    Typhoon H Pro Becomes Unstable at 14.3V

    Hello all, I just bought my Typhoon H Pro kit a little under a month ago from best buy. First and foremost i LOVE this drone. My first drone ever and I no doubt made the right choice after many months of research. It pains me to post about this not even a month after purchase but I need help...
  8. S

    H flashing purple-white-yellow... uhhhh???

    Hey Gang, I was taking the H out for the first time in 2 weeks after getting a fix from 3rd party shop in Rochester, NY (authorized spot by Yuneec) and we did a test flight there too afterward. But now I'm taking it out and it's giving me this: purple-white-yellow flashing on the rear. Arm...
  9. SourBuffalo

    obstacle avoidance not available

    Here's the bad news, I can't remember if this happened before or after the newest firmware update. If I were to guess, I don't believe it happened before the update. What's happening is when I boot up the ol' ST16 and let the "H" boot up I immediately receive a warning tremor with the words...
  10. F

    IMU sensor not found HELP!

    Hi guys, I just bought my first drone, a Q500 Standard from a local guy, the drone was in really bad conditions, the camera wasn't working, and one of the motors didn't respond, I managed to fix those issues (It was just bad wirings) but when I connect to the GUI it says that the IMU sensor...