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firmware update

  1. Y

    Questions about Typhoon Q500 4K updates

    Hello, all! I'm a new US member with a Q500 4K that's a few years old and I want to prepare it to fly again. The firmware shown for the aircraft in settings is 1.07. However, I've downloaded a file from Yuneec Skins with the filename of Q500_v1.07_09_28_2015.bin. It's unclear to me whether this...
  2. J

    Firmware Update - Now Can't Connect

    I had replaced my first Breeze because of the wifi issue. Then I finally took it out for a flight, worked great, then when I got I started to transfer the videos. It was taking a while so I decided to wait and update the firmware. That was a mistake. Now I'm having the same issue as the first...
  3. WaltzingPablo

    Should I buy a Breeze?

    Hi everyone. A few years back, I would have given my left arm to buy the Typhoon H. Things are slightly different now, and so is my budget. I really like the look of the Breeze. I mean - I REALLY like it. However....... Keep reading what look like horror stories to do with wifi connectivity...
  4. P


    Good morning I have a problem with the firmware update of the drone breeze. The process freezes during the second phase. I tried disabling the APP and reinstalling it, downloading another copy of the update file. But I can not do the same. Someone can help me?
  5. DroneCalzone

    Updating the firmware in CGO-ET?

    Hello, i can see that the CGO-ET I have here is not the latest. Coincidentally, I'm having problems enabling team mode with this camera. When I'm trying to switch to team mode, the button immediately jumps back to the single mode position, and there is a message on the bottom of the screen...
  6. Murray Martz

    Centering cross

    I read the forums today and saw that the cross hair was removed with an update. I bought mine Dec 31 2016. Did the update 5 days ago. Went on first flight today ( not the first flight of the drone, but the first flight since the update ). Realized it was gone. So after reading the thread about...
  7. S

    Solid blue light.

    Just updated my drone now it won't power down after pushing the power button and it won't respond to my st16.
  8. Tiburon

    ST16 Problems

    Hello Everybody, Even I think this is also related to the recent V3 update, I am opening a new discussion. Since the V3 update I cannot calibrate the J2 channel anymore. The corresponding gauge remains red independent what I am doing. The Hardware Monitor is not showing any reaction to any of...
  9. M

    Problem to work with wizard only

    Hi Today tried to use only wizard with H. Some issues: 1.By pressing camera tilt up/down - gear up/down function can not work 2. It looks like OVS ON/OF cant not work I use last (September) H firmware. Any suggestion? May be I nee to upgrade Wizard Firmware? And if can, how to do this? 10X
  10. T

    Update Not Found

    I tried to update my ST-16, however, each time I would get the error message "update not found." I've tried several different ways, but No Joy. Thank for your assistance and sorry if this has been answered in another thread.
  11. chiloschista

    Why there are H flying well and other not, after firmware upgrade?

    Hello ensemble, after some thinking why my H does no more fly as it was at first and after THoff note on another thread I checked for level the floor where I do accelerometers calibration. The floor is level. Then what? Well the landing gear is level, what about the controller board? I checked...
  12. E

    Saving old firmware versions?

    I recently received a Typhoon H Pro and I haven't updated it yet. I would like to fly it for a bit before doing that in case something goes wrong with the update or wait and see if Yuneec will release a new one soon that fixes some of the problems I've read in here although I know most haven't...
  13. Airtography

    Important TyphoonH_Ver2.24_A.bin

    I noticed this morning that there is a new H Firmware version 2.24. Noted there is a camera fix included. Anyone know anything about this new version and what it fixes with the previous version released 9/1? Can't seem to find any details.

    Latest Typhoon Firmware update HOW TO Video

    Like many of you I just did the latest Firmware update to my Typhoon H. I captured the process into a 3 minute video. If you have not done the update and are feeling a bit rusty on what to do first or next, then this video should help.
  15. Wileytrigger21

    Things we would like in update from Yuneec

    Hello all, I thought I would start this thread to create a list of items that we would like to see Yuneec implement in firmware updates. Please like if you agree and add your suggestions. Maybe Yuneec will take notice. Lets keep the items feasible. 1. Speed control on CCC and POI 2. Ability to...
  16. M

    No RC connection after firmware update!

    Hi, I've just updated my st16 and the typhoon with the new firmware, but now my controller doesn't recognize the typhoon. It find and connect the camera but no rc connection. The rear LED flashes about 7 times blue and 2 times yellow and every 10 seconds (more or less) emit a beep . Please can...
  17. fux

    HOWTO: Update E, F, J, K to Standard (A) firmware, if latest version is already installed (v3.04)

    I finally found a solution to update the firmware of the CGO3+ from Europe (E), Australia / New Zealand (F), Japan (J) or Korea / Indonesia (K) to the Standard (A) version, if you have already the the same version installed. tl;dr: I uploaded the already patched firmware files, which you can...
  18. tinchob

    Firmware update -To Do or Not To Do-

    I still can't calibrate the compass after 10 attemps. Could the last firmware update resolve my problem?