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  1. A

    Motor/ESC Wiring Issue

    Hello Friends! My Typhoon H Pro arrived yesterday, and after an evening of studying the flight manuals and a morning of foggy flying, I went out to fly my H and found that the second motor clockwise failed to activate. Putting my hand on it as the H was booting up, I was able to feel it doing...
  2. D

    Looking for repair info and advise for after a crash

    I was so upset that I might have to send it in for repair. Upset is the wrong word. Devistated! First one I purchased and only 3 days old. But I'm gonna try and fix the arm myself with JB Weld. 3 propellers and 1 semi broken arm. But does it matter if you use a plastic JB or can you use the...
  3. S

    Fixed CGO3+ mount, attached... no pan or tilt!

    Hey gang, I was super excited to fly my drone in Compton today after receiving my replacement mount last night. But now that she's airborne, my pan & tilt abilities aren't working. However, once airborne, at least the fixed camera (VS slight pan to correct itself and look forward) ability is...