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    Autopilot software (GPS) Q500, Q5004K

    Autopilot software. Like many of you I was hoping that Yuneec would have considered releasing a download for the Q500 enabling it to have the capability to use GPS and fly with autopilot. I would like to know if a program was designed giving the Q500 this ability would other Typhoon owners be...
  2. S

    H with broken leg, rough hover

    My wonderful "H"enry broke a leg and won't lift. Also seems to lose GPS and has a disturbing/scary twitchy hovering. Anyone have similar trouble? Thanks, Susan Karl
  3. P

    LED Status Indications Before/During Flight

    I'm new to this site, and want to say to everyone contributing information - THANK YOU! I love my 'H', but feel a bit shorted at this time by Yuneec's considerable lack of supporting information, like a systems/flight manual which seems to be a given. Anyway, your replies and the video links...
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    Flying with gps off with typhoon 4k

    Hi, I wonder if You could share any tips about flying 4k with gps disabled ? I tried few times but my pressure is really high when attempting to do that :) I need to learn to fly it with gps disabled in order to pass the exam for UAV. And dont want to break it. Regards