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  1. A

    How to downgrade Yuneec Typhoon H firmware ?

    Hello, anyone know how can I downgrade Yuneec Typhoon H firmware ? The problem is that the Typhoon H's GPS status does not show as OK when the Typhoon H starts. I have waited 15 minutes and still it informs me that GPS acquiring. It shows that 12-15 satellites have found, same on the controller...
  2. R

    :FLIGHT LOG UPLOADED: HELP flashing main Blue LED at startup AND when entering "system settings" on ST16

    Hi Everyone, Short version: 1) Hex lost a prop and fell from 125 ft... 5 other rotors helped from complete disaster (still pretty hard fall) 2) Took home and repaired with all my box full of parts 3) During repair, I DID remove my Intel RealSense 4) Grabbed my backup CG03+ went behind house...
  3. B

    GPS signal - more satellites fixed by drone than controller

    I have noticed this consistently. Also my phone GPS app reports the same as the controller. Anybody know why this is? I am guessing that maybe the drone picks up glonass but the androids don't
  4. R

    Typhoon H probleme gps

    Bonjour à tous, mon Typhoon ne prend plus les GPS, la console indique 12 GPS au dessus à droite et sur le côté à gauche, mais reste en acquérir en rouge. Il ne peut plus décoller. ... J'ai tenté plusieurs endroits et même chose. ....Pouvez vous m'aider ? Merci
  5. M

    purple 'angle' indicator, intermittent GPS and does not want to land!

    Hello all, I am in need of the font of all knowledge on this forum. My Typhoon H (RS) is around 16 months old, apart from my finger and switch troubles as a newbie and sweating a bit of blood getting software updates to take it has always been perfect in every way. So, it has been in storage...
  6. M

    GPS calibration says 'lower than 20% power" although drone is 95% charged?

    Having huge issues here, stressing me out! I can't even get the drone off the ground because i can't calibrate it. it's fully charged, but i click 'start' on the calibration page and it won't do it because less than 20% power which doesn't make any sense. what am i doing wrong here?
  7. DonnieB

    Counting Satellites

    Just looking for opinions on minimum number of satellites do you personally require to fly using GPS?
  8. O

    Breeze is very slow without GPS?

    hey all just was wondering if anyone has the same issue with there breeze flying incredibly slow when gps is disabled? and if it is possible how i can change that?
  9. C

    typhoon H will not take off

    i have had my typhoon H for a while with no real problems until now. i try to get it to take off and it refuses to launch. i get a double beep when i hit the start/stop button. on screen it says the controller has a dozen GPS satellites, and the drone has 17+, but under "gps" it says aquiring...
  10. V

    How to input GPS Coordinates for Typhoon H

    Looking for the process to imput the Coordinates to have the Drone take off, fly the data points, and return to home when flight has been completed.
  11. M

    Shell decorating and GPS reception

    Hi All, Question for any GPS knowledgable individuals. Many people decorate their H body-shell, my question is would a metalilc spray paint affect GPS reception? The paint I am considering is gold chrome in colour but does not contain any conductive material (I test sprayed an area and did an...
  12. gwhuntoon

    Ever wonder what happens to old GPS satelites when they are retired?

    U.S. Air Force says goodbye to 25-year-old GPS satellite
  13. prathbun

    Twitchy GPS Track

    Has anyone else noticed their telemetry GPS tracks being super-twitchy? The H is flying really well and smooth, but the tracks are really rough. Below is a section of a flight I did yesterday, and if you look at the total distance of the GPS log it's a quarter mile, but in reality it's just a...
  14. M

    Changes to H GPS ready indicator on ST-16

    Before the latest update (2017) my ST-16 used to give the number of GPS satellites aquired by the H on the ST-16 display. Now it just says 'READY' in green. Has anyone else got this? Is it normal? Is it safe to fly?
  15. M

    Bouncing up after landing

    Hi All, Ok I have a wee problem as of the past two flights. My H has been perfect since its maiden flight last Oct 2016. It is the pro RS version. Lat two flights when I have landed (perfectly as usual) I have let go of the throttle to move my left index finger to the red button to kill the...
  16. G

    GPS Tracking if the Typhoon fails and gets lost?

    I am new to Yuneec as I was flying a DJI Phantom before. Just got my Typhoon H yesterday and have not flown it yet. DJI has the capability of finding the UAV should it fail and fall from the sky etc. Does Yuneec also have this capability or should I purchase a separate GPS tracking device ?
  17. F

    A lot of learning....

    I was in a deep canyon today trying to get a shot of a creek. Fired up the Breeze took off, flew down to the creek deep below, go my video, went to hit the return to home hoping for a successful fight and cant find the "Return to Home" button. I am new and lessons are learned every time out. I...
  18. Tiburon

    GPS - not always the same?

    Hi Everyone and Merry X-mas! I hope to find a GPS expert here as I have question. Today I was flying exactly at the same spot but this time I got about 5-6 satellites less (only 12-14 instead 18-20) on the ST16 and also the Typhoon showed about 4 less. How can this be? Shouldn't I see the...
  19. Alexandre Souza

    No GPS Lock on Typhoon H

    Good evening everyone, Just bought a brand new Typhoon H, but the GPS won´t lock, and because of that I can´t fly with all the resources. Only if I turn the GPS off the engines will start. And for me that is not a good idea. I am a first time flyer, and have no experience what so ever. Don´t...
  20. D

    Compass Error Observations

    I have been messing with this TH Real Sense for the last few hours and have the following observations, and wondering if anyone else that has these brutal compass errors has noticed any of these things.... GREEN HOME DIRECTION ARROW: When I power on the motors, before take off the home...