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h plus

  1. F

    Restore firmware after big mistake (H plus)

    Happy new Year from Sweden ! I recently bought a second hand H-Plus. Starting it up for the 3rd time I forgot to take off the gimbal protection. Instead of just ripping it off, I got brainfreeze and pulled the battery instead. BIG Mistake . Now I got a brick that can use the camera and the...
  2. DCH

    C23 SD Card Slot

    The SD card slot in my C23 is having some issues. The card no longer clicks into place, and won't pop out when pressed in slightly to release it anymore. It slides in OK without resistance, but there is no spring resistance to push against anymore, it just slides in almost all the way but still...
  3. uprightpilot

    My Typhoon H Plus has a mind of it's own.

    I purchased my Typhoon H Plus back in September. I have had lots of issues with it: Tells me theres no SD card in when there is (i've tried various cards including the one the drone came with) The camera doesn't connect (very intermittent when it does and looses connection frequently) The...
  4. B

    H plus cannot link Copter anymore, Camera works fine (after latest, big Update)

    Have a problem with a H plus and getting crazy plus a very bad taste of the Hotline in Germany. I ran the last big Update and my H plus was - since purchased new - no longer in the Air before, then 3 times up to 3 meters and ... minutes. Last weekend I finally want to go to fly with my son...
  5. I

    No video after upgrade

    Hi Upgraded to today and everything looked fine. but no contact with the camera. It binds to the camera but that's all. Gimbal works
  6. DroneCalzone

    Rendering error during 3d log render on logs.px4.io?

    Hello, i'm trying to interpret some logs, but I tried 3 different logs downloaded with QGroundControl, and they all upload correctly to logs.px4.io, but when I want to see the 3D view I get a rendering error, and I cannot view the log as a render in time. When I upload the logs, I get all the...
  7. ShawnIde

    H520 Mapping on the Yuneec Typhoon Plus

    Hey guys! I am ordering my Yuneec Typhoon H Plus tomorrow and I was wondering if the mapping software on the H250 will be available on the Typhoon H Plus. I know that the body styles are the same... Not sure about the internals. And the Controllers are identical (different firmware). I would...
  8. Eagle's Eye Video

    Compatible Micro SD Cards for the Typhoon H+ C23 Camera

    So the purpose of this thread is to provide a concise singular location of what brands/models of microSD cards that are compatible with the C23 Sony camera that comes with the Plus. Please do not post cards that do not work, as this helps no one searching for what card to purchase to use with...
  9. S

    CGOET for H plus?

    Does the H CGOET work for H Plus? Anyone?
  10. Peggy

    H Plus captured flying from the H520

    Taken with the H520 here is the Typhoon H+ flying
  11. mbernholdt

    H plus C23 filter thread, and other questions

    Ordered the plus RS so still waiting for it to be delivered. But in the meanwhile, I might as well get all the accessories I need. Does anyone out there who has received the plus can tell me the filter thread size or just confirm it is 40.5mm? The second question which might seem weird but...
  12. Haydn

    H Plus interface on the H520

    here's a short clip I did of the new interface. Mountain View Enterprises So why in the H520 thread? Will if this does indeed work. And it seems that it will. Then the H520 just got a lot more awesome. You can have the best of both worlds. Commercial DataPilot Consumer Flightmode2.0 Can't...
  13. Haydn

    New video of interface

    here's a short clip I did of the new interface. Putting this in the H520 group as well. Mountain View Enterprises
  14. K

    Typhoon H vs H Plus

    What is the differences between the H and the H Plus? How do the differences affect operation?