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New video of interface

Aie the firmware it is not good...:eek:
Firmware and interface are pretty much the same thing.
And seeing what they have ATM personally I'm happy to wait as long as they get it right
Yuneec employee in The netherlands said last week : delivery 10/11 april. Hope this is correct.
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Don't think so.
I don't believe they have left China yet
I received this message today from "Droneshop.com" in France.

Dear Customer,

The next delivery should indeed take place from 17/04.
Attention, we receive them in limited quantity, so do not hesitate to order yours if you want to be sure to have it within a reasonable time.

Translation from French to English with google ;)
I've heard nothing from a China about this yet..... Other than they say it's all marketing from these companies.
In other words. Wishful thinking.
Yes China said May not April :(
Fixing firmware issues
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Well they can afford to get it wrong again and they won't want to send it out with known issues. Better late than get more bad press. I sure hope the plus goes well.
100% agreed

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