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C23 SD Card Slot


Dr. FrankenPhoon
Oct 11, 2018
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Olympic Peninsula
The SD card slot in my C23 is having some issues. The card no longer clicks into place, and won't pop out when pressed in slightly to release it anymore. It slides in OK without resistance, but there is no spring resistance to push against anymore, it just slides in almost all the way but still needs to be seated with a little extra push, but at that point it doesn't feel right, seems to take more pressure than before to seat it. Then I have to pry it out with tweezers to remove the card. Once in a while it won't detect the card and I have to repeat the process or wiggle the card a bit, which has now become a pain.

I checked old posts here on the Forum about the C23 SD Card slot, but didn't find anything that helped. Is there a fix for this, like a board I can replace in the C23? Or do I need to send it off somewhere for repair, if so who repairs a C23?
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Thanks for the info. Don't underestimate my repair skills, I have been involved in Electronics my entire life. I am a retired Aerospace Engineer, and I was a NASA Certified soldering instructor. However, at some point I need to accept the fact I'm neither of those anymore. I can see how it might be something I would want to farm out, especially since my eyesight isn't what it use to be, and so I need to limit my repairs to simple board replacement these daze, er I mean days!

Looks like I'll be getting a hold of John! Thanks again.
Don't underestimate my repair skills...
Trust me, I don't doubt your skill. Or anyone else's.
But it isn't a matter of skill. It's a lack of documentation up front and the hidden surprises you find that you only suspect are there after the damage has happened. 30 minutes with someone who has done it before, and you would have no problem. The other alternative is 3 or 4 damaged cameras finding the tricks the hard way.
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