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h pro

  1. AJupstateNY

    New Firmware update....

    Greetings, Just did new firmware update, downloaded from Yuneec St16 & H firmware, the H firmware is a zip file. Follow Yuneec video to do update, my Pro is just few months old so had current updates. Well finished update, but appears some thing didn't go right. Now have v03.01.b30 on St16...
  2. G

    Typhoon H Pro Tools.

    Hi, I just got my H pro back from the shop for repairs. (I was minding my own business and this tree branch attacked my drone.) It needed a B arm and parts for the camera. I might have been able to do the arm, but the camera seemed beyond my capabilities. I looked to see what tools I might...
  3. V

    Difference between the H480 (w/RS), H920 (w/RS) and the H Pro?

    I am a bit skeptical on this deal listed online. I see that it has a CGO3 (not the 3+) does this mean it's a H 480? YUNEEC Typhoon H Hexacopter with Intel RealSense Technology Bundle includes CGO3 4K 3-Axis Gimbal Camera + YUNEEC Simulator + YUNEEC Wizard Wand + Sandisk 64GB Extreme MicroSDHC...
  4. G

    Windows GUI with Typhoon H Pro

    Can anyone tell me if there is any other Din cable connector on the Typhoon H Pro? The only one I see is on the camera next to the SD card socket. I tried the Windows GUI software and it does not work at all with the Typhoon cable plugged in there. Any suggestions or advice would be...
  5. W

    Definite release date?

    Hi guys, new to the hobby, preordered the H pro, placed my deposit. Was disappointed that Jessops could t provide a release date, does anyone know of even a rumoured release date? Thanks!
  6. R

    Typhoon H Pro watching a 4-wheeler

    I told someone here the Pro would Watch me but not follow me in Watch Me mode because I tried it walking and it just sat in one position. I was wrong, in this video the H Pro does follow me on a 4-wheeler in Watch Me mode. Note my "helpers" at the end. They were intently curious and watching...