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  1. mbernholdt

    How To - Escaping When Stuck in IPS Mode

    As you may have read I ran into the same issue as Oliver the other day after installing a Realsense module on my bird (Yea you read that right) and after manually turned off the GPS to test the IPS in my living room I couldn't re-enable GPS and enter flight mode. Following Oliver's guide...
  2. DoomMeister

    Yuneec Pilot Updates

    The new version of Pilot (1.1.2) has added a manual IPS mode that allows the GPS to be disabled indoors. This is good news for indoor fliers. Thumbs up to Yuneec for listening. Edit 12/07/2018: I merged two of my posts to allow one post to be updated as new versions come out from Yuneec. It...
  3. JulesTEO

    IPS mode flight test

    Hello everyone, So, as I mentioned in a previous post I tested the IPS mode and recorded the experience to share it with all of you. Who knows how many time I spent looking for something like this on the web to no avail.. I read several postings (not only on this particular forum) where...
  4. JulesTEO

    Finally decided to update to latest Firmware and tested.

    Hello guys, just wanted to share with you that Finally I'm back with my Typhoon H after 3 long months of being physically away and unable to use it. I don't know if you remember but I was very comfortable with the firware update from September 1st 2016, and since it performed flawlessly with it...
  5. M

    IPS Error showing in GUI

    Hi Chaps, I have an IPS error showing when I connect the GUI What is IPS? I Have H realsense version, later model Oct 2016 All firmware updates installed, flies brilliantly, solid as a rock.
  6. Aero-Dynamics

    Indoor Flying 2017

    I have a client enquiry for filming inside a very large warehouse. I realise they say 'no GPS, no Power' but am I able to just disable GPS before starting, and fly it manually? Also, if that's possible, will it avoid the annoying Lost GPS error message and vibrating ST-16 when flying? Or can I...
  7. R

    This is how IPS works

    IPS, part of the RealSense module assembly, has been and still is the subject of a lot of confusion, questions, and wrong information here on the forum. We have been trying to get Yuneec to provide us with answers and today they came through. First the facts. IPS does not work with RealSense...

    This is Sweet! Intel Realsense & IPS Modules for Typhoon H

    This came as a surprise to me. It would seem from the photos below that the Intel Realsense module is physically connected to the IPS module (one unit). But, on the Yuneec parts list, it shows the Intel Realsense and IPS modules as two separate units????? The first few pictures are of the...