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  1. rdonson

    Jello video

    First, yes, I've searched the forum already. Not sure from the previous discussions there was a consensus of opinion on the cause of jello although there are lots of recommendations about the CG03+ dampers. Background: new TH480 purchased in Dec 2017 - first flight today. The CGO3+ looks the...
  2. A

    Battery causing jello effect?

    After making some home repairs, my video sometimes contain wavy lines (jello effect). I've been able to resolve 95% of the affect after adjusting my dampeners, balancing props, and re-securing internal wires, etc. but I still experience jello on occasion. The other day, I noticed that videos...
  3. A

    Advice after my first crash and repair - chapter 2

    I got tangled in a branch and... you can imagine what happened. I've replaced all the broken parts and when turning the bird on to calibrate everything, noticed that my CGO 3 Pro vibrates something terrible. It vibrates very quickly and hums due to the speed of the vibration. If I grab ahold...
  4. A

    Advice after my first crash and repair - chapter 1

    I got tangled in a branch and wound up with a few broken parts. I ordered all the parts and found that I mistakenly ordered a "A" arm instead of a "B" arm. Since I ordered only the arm and not the accompanying motor, I thought it would be fine to remove the "B" motor from the broken arm and...
  5. A

    4K video jelly effect

    Hello friends. Just exploring my bird. Found very bad problem. Sometime (most of the time, to be honest) I receiving totally unusable video with "jelly" effect Dropbox - YUN00023.mp4 What can I do? - propellers balancing? Replacement? - rubber shock absorbers replacement? (?) - camera/gimbal...
  6. R

    Jello or prop noise?

    Just watched Simon Newton's review. Did anyone else notice some "jello" in his footage. It was either that or a bad prop shadow effect. (Example: lower left of the screen at around 20:34). The yellow flowers also seem to have a lot of "noise". He does mention that the transcoding for youtube...