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  1. Wingman

    Is there a panoramic mode for H520?

    Hi guys, I wanted to use H520 for a multiple automatic mode to create a series of pictures to stitch them later into a 360 degree aerial equirectangular panorama but found that only H has a panoramic mode. However after I found the following page...
  2. AeroJ

    Spin Panorama

    Finally getting the workflow nailed for this sort of thing. Here is a massively unimpressive panoramic I took during yesterday's flights, shamefully near the ground (I wanted to see what the camera was up to before I sent it anywhere impressive) but we have at least got it working, and without...
  3. mbernholdt

    Wauw Amazing camera on the H Plus

    Gosh, I love the 360-degree rotating camera on the Typhoon H plus that along with the Autopano function gives you the opportunity to create some amazing panoramas My latest panorama is of the small fishing village Rødvig in Denmark. This particular panorama is more than 25k pixels wide and...
  4. D

    Picture samples requested - 360 panorama

    Hi all, I want to buy a breeze 4k to do 360 panorama like this (Google Maps) but from the horizon to all the way down. Before I do my purchase, could someone share somes pictures taken all around from motionless breeze 4k, same from 45° down and 90° down? Even if it's a video, I'll deal with it...
  5. S

    Once you stitch together a Panorama...How do you put it on a website?

    i KNOW how to get it to Facebook. I want to know how to put it in a file format that will work 360 degree circular panorama.... I use WIX as my hosting company. Also...Looking fo an easy to learn Video and still photo editor on a Mac. Don't tell me about Adobe PS etc.. Too difficult for me to...
  6. Chris McMillan

    Using the panorama feature on the Typhoon H

    I recently queried how to make good use of the Panorama features of the CGO3. I wanted to find out how to share this wonderful feature with family, friends and also members on here. A couple of people suggested some ideas and I looked at all of the options, and finished up with the following if...
  7. Robert007

    panoramic picture taking

    what do I click onto to get into panorama picture taking on my ST 16 transmitter. And also what does it mean by team and single mode in the camera and video.
  8. M

    Panorama mode does nothing at all!!

    Hi all, Ok, been progressing through the learning process. I can fly now, even at night! Now learning about the camera mechanics, gimbal, settings etc. So today I decided to learn about the panorama mode. I did a gimbal calibration, selected still camera, selected panorama mode, selected...
  9. Chris McMillan

    Double layer panorama not available on screen

    Anyone else had this problem. Done the latest update a couple of times, but still have the same problem. In the "Panorama" section I only have the single layer showing, no option to switch to double... Am I as usual missing something? All other updates (DNG Burst Time lapse etc) are there.
  10. m1llipede

    First test of Panorama feature

    First test of the Panorama feature in the new firmware. I flew out over the channel in New Buffalo, Michigan, hovered and took these. It was very easy. I used Photoshop to stich these together, but for a first attempt I'm very happy. It would be great if you could also bracket expose each shot...