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  1. S

    BTG Props causing runaway?

    I'm new to the Breeze so there are plenty of things I don't know. First though is a question of aftermarket, BTG, props for the Breeze. With all the bad weather here (VA) I've been using the (new) Breeze inside (mostly) and, predictably, breaking props. Considering their cost, I purchased...
  2. Breizhdrone

    Tornado H920 & H920+ and quick-release for propellers ?

    Hello, Do you have a feedback on the new Yuneec quick release fasteners for Tornado H920 & H920 Plus carbon propellers ? It must be said that it is held by plastic ! According to some, there would have been losses of propellers on flight, and some crashes with. Be careful, to hear the click...
  3. T

    Motor won't start blue red light flashing

    I am very new to the typhoon h I acquired it pretty cheap knowing that there was some problems with it and I have found that the GPS is definitely bad because I cannot calibrate the compass and it will not acquire GPS signal.. from all the threads that I have read the propeller should be able to...
  4. G

    Typhoon H propellers 3d printing

    Hi guys For all of you having a 3d printer .. did you know you can print your propellers yourself ! Personally I fly with my own propellers for a few weeks now about 1 hour a day and without any problems. You can find this very good .STL files on this site, each (A and B) for only 12 bucks...
  5. B


    Any comments on after market props I see on line , much cheaper and in colors like red ?
  6. JaysJob

    YUNEEC 5 New Propellers Typhoon Q500 4K $20

    5 New propellers but I don't have the box. Bought these as emergency extras. Had a Typhoon Q500 4K but now fly a different drone. Includes 3 A and 2 B props and set of 4 rubber rings. $20 plus shipping. PayPal only. Shipping USA contiguous states only.
  7. F

    Q500 4K maiden voyage... Propeller just flew off mid flight.

    Hi all, maybe someone can help me understand what might have gone wrong. I ordered my Q500 4K from amazon. It arrived yesterday and today I went to fly it for the first time. I have experience with mini-drones, so I do have a little bit of a feel for how to fly a quadcopter. However, this was...
  8. J

    Use OEM Propellers

    I expect to hear a round of "no duh" remarks but I'm posting this as a PSA. Public Service Announcement: Cheap propellers are VERY tempting but they are not the same quality as the Yuneec blades. I had one split in half while flying today. The half-blade that remained shook the drone...
  9. WEDWay

    Warbling Video Gone!

    After some initial tip overs and problems that broke a few Yuneec blades, I bought aftermarket blades. I was getting a warbling video shortly thereafter. I went back to Yuneec blades and my warbling video issues seem to have vanished as quickly as they came about. I have only one flight under my...
  10. S

    Propeller stuck on Typhoon H after crash

    So yeah, probably like every one I didn't think that I'll be the one to crash my drone, but it happened. Thankfully it wasn't as seriuous as it looked, 3 broken propellers and mountset for CGO3+. I flew it already after crash and everything seems to work... I have just one problem. My propeller...
  11. Chris McMillan

    Just imagine "They're not making any more H props"

    I don't know about any of the rest of you, but that's the way I'm treating my propellers. Then again my approach has been assisted, flying time is limited because, oh yes, I ONLY HAVE 1 ****ING BATTERY!
  12. Joneshd3488

    Prop Balancing for the H

    I'm sure all you longtimers know the value of prop balancing, so I'll direct this primarily to the lesser experienced to our sport/hobby. I myself go back to the very early days of analog RC, even late 60's so prop balancing is not only good, but essential to performance and the life of our very...