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  1. SJMarty

    **SOLD ** Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ Complete Package Plus Extras ** NEVER FLOWN **

    Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ Complete Package Plus Extras ** NEVER FLOWN ** This was purchased and never used. It has literally never left my house (non-smoking). I also purchased some accessories but never used any of them. All original accessories, packaging, and documentation is included...
  2. Chuck Simmons

    Q500+ Complete Package For Sale (Pennsylvania)

    I have a Q500+ with less than 1.0 hours flying time for sale. Comes complete with carrying case, two batteries, numerous spare electrical connections, two battery chargers, fire-safe battery bag, and on and on... No damage history. No mods, purely stock. Pictures for serious buyers. Located in...
  3. P

    Battery problem

    So my original yuneec batteries were destroyed due to my poor lipo care habits. One of my batteries leaked fluid, and the other one stopped charging. The battery that stopped charging would continuously showed 11.1 volts on the transmitters telemetry screen and after leaving it to charge...
  4. r3m3dy2m3

    Bricked Cgo2+ maybe?

    I am having problem with the Cgo2+ camera and I could not find a workable solution. I bought a unit of Q500+ over a local hobby shop in Edmonton last March. Everything works just great until few days ago where the camera won't record or take photo. The Cgo2+ turns on like normal with the green...
  5. V

    cgo3 vs cgo3-GB vs cgo3-GB+

    So I was looking at pricing for replacing my camera for my Q500 4K. I'm trying to figure out why the titles for these listings are different depending on where your looking (see above). I'm thinking the GB stands for gimbal but they all had the gimbal included and there were several that were...
  6. D

    Yuneec Q500+ For sale.

    I have everything that the Q500+ comes with and it has only been flown a couple times. Its in excellent condition, nothing is wrong with the drone and no crashes. Right now Im selling it at $599.99. E-mail me at [email protected] if youre interested.
  7. D

    Best way to Sell my Q500+?

    So I bought th4 Q500+ a while back in the summer and I thought I would end up using it a lot, but I found I dont have much time to fly It so I want to sell it. I still have everything with it and it has not crashed.. I need some advice on how/where to sell it since it is no use sitting around in...
  8. skwty

    **UPDATED PRICE!! Typhoon Q500+/ST-10/CGO2+/Steady Grip/Case/3 Batteries+++

    For sale on eBay. Priced for a quick sale. Upgraded to the Typhoon H recently and have not had a use for it. Great package for the beginner. $550 in Paypal today = shipped tomorrow! Please see UPDATED eBay link below for full description! Share with anyone you think is looking for a new...
  9. Wendell Sharpe

    Super Bummed - Q500 Took Off and Crashed

    Was enjoying a normal day of flying when climbing straight up, at about 60 ft over my head in angle mode, it took off sideways at full throttle. My first reaction was to let go of my altitude stick, (wasn't touching the right stick). No change. Next was full opposite direction on right stick...
  10. T

    Q500+ and FPV Googles?

    Hi....I found some googles that say it will work on my Yuneec Q500+ (....you can found them on this link: Alibaba Manufacturer Directory - Suppliers, Manufacturers, Exporters & Importers ) now to my question.....DOES it work?
  11. A

    Typhoon H - Team Mode

    First posting, I'm already or at least was a Yuneec user, having been flying a Q500+ for over 6 months, until this week had my first and a serious crash. All my fault, I noticed that the quad was drifting and not holding its position with no input on the controls, should have landed then and...
  12. chrishg

    High Altitude Flight

    Test flight of my Q500+ at 8000+ feet above sea level. Wind was a problem. Flight was at Mineral Basin up American Fork Canyon, Utah.
  13. D

    Binding the Q500+

    Hello all. This is a request from a total newbie, so new in fact we haven't managed to get the thing off the ground yet. My friend and I are both photographers and thought the Q500+ would be a good addition to our kit so when one of our friends was returning to the States he offered to sell us...