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  1. Spessyquist

    ST-16 charging issues

    I am having trouble with charging the ST-16 using the conventional method I've used for 2 years. I purchased a new ST-16 battery from Vertigo Drone just last week as I was having this trouble with my factory issued battery. It arrived before the holiday weekend and was charged to 95% right out...
  2. Eagle's Eye Video

    Amp Rate when charging ST-16

    I looked but I could not find anything specific... what is the max safe amp rate when charging the ST-16 battery with a USB cable? Saw a power strip with a USB rapid charge with a 4.8 A rate listed... would this fry the USB connection in the ST-16 or shorten the battery life? Currently...
  3. vader

    St-16 reboots for no reason in flight and causes crash.

    Last Thursday (April 26th) we had flown and done several shots of a real -estate project. In the final and last segment, the controller (St-16) decided to reboot when trying to adjust exposure on the camera. The only problem, never even got close to the screen with finger to adjust such exposure...
  4. M

    Any idea's. Gimbal moves to 90 degrees on binding with controller!

    My 520 is less than a month old with only 10 minutes flying time and now both cameras (E90 and CGO et) stick at 90 degrees after connection to the controller. I have no tilt or pan control which wasn't the case a few days ago. Any idea's?
  5. T

    ST-16 Signal Booster & Battery Bracket Holder?

    Hi just curious to know whether or not anyone knows of anywhere that makes any sort of bracket for the ST-16 that is used for holding signal boosters & a battery on it. Similar to the ones that MaxxUav makes for other Manufacturers drone transmitters. Thank You Tom C.
  6. Joseph Corrado

    Flight Control Lost error

    This happened today. I'm flying the H. About 100 feet up and not far out at all, maybe 75 - 100 feet away. The screen on the ST-16 goes black and at the top of the screen is "Flight Control Lost" That's it! I look up and the H is still steady and in a couple of seconds (that seemed a lot longer)...
  7. P

    Totaled my Typhoon H - controller is still fine - can I replace drone?

    Hi All, For some unexplained reason, my Typhoon H dropped out of the sky, powered off, about 15 seconds into a flight. Battery might have come loose? I wasn't doing anything fast or jerky either. Weird. Anyway, was wondering how to just get a drone (I can use my current one as spare parts, I...
  8. Flying-Potato

    ST-16 - Manual or AUX bouton

    Hi, I tried searching for a ST-16 Manual but I could not find one that explains a lot of the advanced features particularly the channel settings. I found some youtube videos however they are in Deutsch (funny thing I found a lot of more than english ones) Also on a another note is there a...
  9. Chris McMillan

    ST16 Clock fixed?

    Still trying to get the time right on the ST16. I've got the original Advanced model.... tried all the suggestions re correcting the "hour out" error but nothing works. Anyone had any luck getting the system clock to hold the correct time?
  10. G

    Reset altimeter on ST-16 to zero?

    Being fairly new to the TH Pro, I've managed to keep it in the air without too much trouble (Up, down, all around, we'll keep it at that for now). I found I can change the altimeter on the transmitter to feet instead of meters, but is there a way to "zero" the altimeter on the ST-16 when the TH...
  11. Z

    Alternative to Team Mode?

    Hey, As a newcomer to Drone photography and to this forum I do not know much about the goings-on. However, I have setup and used the Team Mode option to control camera while following a mountain biker with the Wizard Controller. This feature is awesome because I have full camera control on the...