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team mode

  1. N

    Team Mode H520

    Does anyone know if team mode will be available for the H520? It would be cool if one person can fly and the other can take pictures or film.
  2. L

    Team mode

    im having problems putting my Typhoon H in team mode, everytime i press the button it just says timed out? Any ideas?
  3. S

    thyphoon H with realsense team mode fly

    I was not able to activate realsense in team mode. Following the manual I have to press central magic button and up arrow on wizzard but nothing happened. I tried to long press central button and short press the up arrow but nothing happened again. On ST16 THE OBS avoidance looks green but...
  4. J

    ST16 with HorizonFPV Blackhawk Antennas

    I have for sale a spare ST16 that I no longer need but have have been successfully using for Typhoon H Team mode. £250 plus postage according to location. I have 100% score on Ebay. PM me or look on ebay UK.
  5. B

    Typhoon h team mode

    Hey first time posting here. I've been flying my Typhoon H for about 4 months now and want to start using it in team mode for better shots. I really don't want to buy another ST16 for that. Does anybody have any suggestions on a different one that would work. It doesn't have to have a screen...
  6. Chris Dunn

    Team Mode... Any questions ask me...

    I have crashed 2 Typhoon H drones since last August and flying by myself. I have just recently since about September started only flying on jobs with a co-pilot or camera operator. It sure make for some Amazing shots so much easier.. It took us a while to get the right procedure down and...
  7. S

    Team Mode with a Futaba Controller

    Does anyone know if it would be possible to bind a Futaba controller to the Camera and Gimbal to use in Team Mode. I don't have a Wizard and don't think I really like the idea of controlling the H with such a device. I also don't want to buy another ST16 just to use in Team Mode. That is why...
  8. Robert007

    panoramic picture taking

    what do I click onto to get into panorama picture taking on my ST 16 transmitter. And also what does it mean by team and single mode in the camera and video.
  9. Cedaric


    Trying to make some changes to H 920 & CGO4 w/ 2 x St 24 Keep getting asked for password so can not even bind Q500 to ST 24 Anyone know pass word 1234 & 0000 & Yuneec r no good
  10. Cedaric

    H920 Team Mode HELP

    Hello An unusual issue H920 & CGO4 using 2 X ST 24 1 x Flight 1 X Visual Can not get full Camera control on Visual controller, only Zoom I Can operate Zoom & rotation only from Flight controller No camera pan up & down at all I Have put CGO4 & Gimbal on H920 ProAction &...
  11. L

    ST12 for pilot and ST16 for gimbal operator?

    Hi guys, new here, I am interested buying a Typhoon H, but I have to check. Main advantage for me is the possibility of the pilot+operator team mode, but I m not quite sure yet how it works. Would it be possible for the pilot to use the ST12 while the camera operator could use the ST16? Is...
  12. W

    Will the ST-10 Work with the Typhoon H? Anyone know for sure ?

    I want to use two controllers with team mode and would like to know if I use st-10 it will work or do I need an ST-16?... Already know the Wizard works but I'm used to flying with sticks... Thanks!!