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typhoon 4k

  1. J

    Client Turned on dron with Gimbal Cover still on

    Hey guys! today a client called me because his camera gimbal wasnt tilting/panning, thought it could be a settings problem till he told me he turned on the drone with the gimbal cover on, when i turned the drone without the cover the gimbal cant do the classic calibration, im gussing the gears...
  2. S

    Seminole Valley Park in Cedar Rapids Iowa.

  3. Drone video

    Drone video

    Navajo Park southwest Cedar Rapids Iowa
  4. danomite24

    Typhoon H Plus Video

    Hey everyone went up to Big Bear this weekend and I took some breath taking video. I wish more people would put up more videos. With the beauty of the camera. So do us all the favor go out there and capture something beautiful. Life is good
  5. Dracudrone

    Possibly selling Yuneec Q500 4K TYPHOON drone, must live in Jax, FL area or willing to travel there to get.

    Hello I'm possibly considering selling my beloved Yuneec Q500 4K drone which has sat in spare bedroom for over a year now, as if still on Best Buy's shelf...LOL or cry out loud...;) You all may laugh, but I love this drone, and only fellow drone owners will understand that after a while a drone...
  6. B

    Totally Disappointed, unreliability, embarrassment

    It's been almost two years since I bought my first Typhoon, I was excited, read all the manuals watched all the videos, learnt how to fly, yes crashed a few times like everyone does. I built a very cool and successful webpage for my new acquisition posted flights and began to book aerial work. I...
  7. T

    Up by the flume

    Flying around the flume in the Sierras.
  8. Wingshooter

    Typhoon Q500 4k For Sale

    I have a Typhoon Q500 4k that I am selling. Bought in December 2015. Cannot really say how many flights but I can tell you it has never been crashed or damaged. There is nothing wrong with it. I am just moving up to a bigger bird and I am going to sell this one. I will accept PayPal from a...
  9. A

    Stunning Footage from Yuneec H

    I was super impressed by the Typhoon H camera, its ease of use and quality are outstanding. I hope you enjoy a the clips I shot with the Typhoon H and maybe inspire you to capture your own ;) Link to footage reel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ3M42qe-0I
  10. M

    Can I use a ST-16 controler on my typhoon g or Q500 4k

    I was wondering if anyone has had any luck using a ST-16 controller for a typhoon g or a Q 500 4k? I wanted to use a st-16 because it has a bigger screen than a st-10a, plus it has a HDMI output so I can use my skyview goggles and I can upload android apps.
  11. thewineguy

    Failsafe parachute ideas...

    Has anyone tried any parachute mounts to save the drone if a fallout happens? Was thinking about how I could "fallsafe" the drone and create a universal chute that you could activate with the remote.
  12. A

    3.97mm f/2.8 Typhoon H Lens Upgrade

    So I recently took on the lens upgrade but my 3.97mm f/2.8 Lens did not come with the threaded mount and this is an issue in my case because our Typhoon H has a smooth barrel. After some TENSE work into removing the lens i found out it is a fixed glued lens. Do any of you have some "Hacks" i am...
  13. S

    Typhoon 4k and Clearing Mountain Storm

    I've had the Typhoon 4k for a couple of months now and I love it. Easy to fly and very smooth. This is my first video edit from a single shoot in Big Cottonwood Canyon near Salt Lake City, Utah.
  14. jazzman81

    Yuneec Steady Cam CGO3+ Hack

    Here's a hack for the Yuneec SteadyCam that will work with the Yuneec CGO3+. I bought the Yuneec Typhoon H drone with the understanding that there would be a hand held platform available for the drone's camera. Yuneec sells the ActionCam, but its sold with the CGO3+ and I already own a CGO3+. I...
  15. John K. Fitzgerald

    Thanks to all forum members!!!!!

    Just a quick note to say thanks to all the members of this forum! For me this forum has been an excellent source of information and ideas. And since Yuneec's owners manuals are "vague" at best, this forum has been excellent tool for us to learn the finer points of our machines. Thanks again to...
  16. Y

    Fireworks Show Captured by the Yuneec Typhoon H

    There were some fireworks by my house the other day, so I flew my Typhoon H and got some footage. Here is the video: Please let me know what you guys think of it. Any Tips and Suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  17. K

    Looking for Typhoon Gopro Gimbal plus MK58 and cables (below $200)

    I have a yuneec typhoon 4K and I would like to use my Gopro hero 4 on the drone. I am looking for a complete set of Typhoon Gopro gimbal (gimbal, MK58, and cables) under my budget. I don't need a steadygrip since I already have one. Thank you.
  18. D

    Canada-BNIB Q500 4K +2 batt + alum case

    Hey Guys, I have 5 Q 500 4K with 2 batteries and the big aluminum case for sale. I also have 2 wizards available. All product is brand new in box. I'm a dealer and just have WAY too much stock and more on the way! I am selling these at my cost to get them out the door. This is even a better...
  19. J

    No longer for sale...

    Typhoon Q500 4k with ALL accessories and 2nd battery, NO CAMERA or GIMBAL. OG box and foam, steady grip never used. $400 obo. + shipping. Con US only Great for a backup airframe, parts, or run a second camera. I've had the quad for about 10 days, has roughly 15 flights at 15 mins per flight...