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typhoon h plus

  1. jcommstudios

    Typhoon H Plus Stuff for sale (CANCELLED)

    (This sale has been CANCELLED) Well my H Plus decided to eject a battery at about 75 feet with landing gear up and landed in the mud. The C23 camera is toast but the drone is in good shape other than 3 broken rotor arm clips. UDATE: I met with John Mitchell at YUNEEC SKINS and he was gracious...
  2. DarienR1

    Typhoon H Plus issues with ST16S controller

    Hello Everyone, It has been a while since I've posted an issue, but alas, the problems pursue me. I had my Typhoon H Plus in storage for a while (about 2 years). The batteries don't hold a charge and one comes up with a blue light when put in the OEM Charger, and for some reason, I had to...
  3. The Frozen Photog

    Sunset flight with my H Plus in Superior Wisconsin at Wisconsin Point.

    I braved swarms of mosquitoes for a gorgeous sunset flight at Wisconsin Point in Superior, Wisconsin.
  4. W

    Typhoon H Plus with Real Sense

    Total package worth $3428, Selling complete only for $2,500. Drone - $1,999 Comes with: ST16S controller, Carry bag /back pack. All original accessories: 5 Ghz antenna, Camera gimbal lock, Camera mount shocks pads, Controller sun shade, Controller lanyard, Single battery charger, Original...
  5. The Frozen Photog

    Bentleyville USA, The Nation's LARGEST walkthrough light display.

    Took out the Typhoon H Plus to take in the sights at Bentleyville USA and got a bonus of the ship Drawsko sailing under the Aerial Lift Bridge and into the port of Duluth.
  6. M

    Problem camera c23

    Hi guys, i have a problem with the camera c23. when I try to aim down, it begins to vibrate until it '' turns off '' and is no longer reactive. watch the video First video (put camera down) Second video (locked camera making sounds) Thank you in advance for the comments. PS: I don't think the...
  7. AFlyinAnt

    Short Flight (CRASH)

    Memorial day weekend of 2020, I took my Typhoon H Plus for a short flight at the lake here in Springfield, Illinois.....Well, that short flight became shorter then what I wanted. Did my calibration, check for all my GPS Readings and made sure battery was full, locked and loaded. Pushed start...
  8. Bigshow

    My Typhoon H Plus turns by itself

    I have the Tuphoon H Plus. It's given me a headache since day 1. I have had the worst of luck with it since I bought it. Had to send it in for repair after the camera would only shake like crazy. Yuneec fixed this. But as of right now, the drone will always start panning to the left slowly...
  9. mbernholdt

    Showreel 2020

    Hello, again pilots. I have to admit I haven't been very active or helpful in the forums the past 6 months, this doesn't mean that I stopped droning or went to another brand, still flying my trusty H plus on a daily basis :) I recently put together this showreel with lots of great drone...
  10. T

    Landing Gear for H/H+

    Are the landing gear on a Typhoon H the same as on an H+?
  11. danomite24

    A short clip

    Hello everyone, just wanted to say hello to everyone.
  12. Search & Rescue Skin

    Search & Rescue Skin

    Search & Rescue Skin/Wrap, Highly Reflective, Photoluminescent Vinyl, Extreme High Visibility, Improved VLOS, Improves Aircraft Orientation During Flight
  13. Typhoon H Reflective Skin

    Typhoon H Reflective Skin

    Yuneec Skins - Custom Typhoon H Skin/Wrap using Photoluminescent Reflective Vinyl Decals, Yuneec Skins makes the "Best Fitting, "Best Looking Typhoon H Skins...
  14. danomite24

    H Plus for a promotional video!

    Hey Guys Just Finish a promotional video for a Camp Site. I believe it turn out beautifully. I still have a lot of film left. So i should have a video soon of just aerial shoots
  15. burnski

    ST16S after android reset no yuneec software on it, Typhoon h plus

    Hallo, but andriod don't chance the user Adress i start the Reset options on my controller. after reset, the yuneec software is not used by autostart and i dont find it in directory. what can i do? i dont find Softeware on the yuneec website for my typhoon h plus!
  16. Seerabike

    Fatal malfunction

    I know there are so many questions around what I'm about to say; but I'll throw it out there anyway. At 7:30 in the evening in Tennessee, USA, I took my Typhoon H Plus it to show a friend his neighborhood. Powered on st16, powered on unit, lifted off, raise landing gear, tested gimbal, hovered...
  17. DarienR1

    A Few Questions....

    Hello everyone, it's nice to be a part of the community. Disclaimer: I am a noob and just started flying. I may be asking super amateur questions but I ask that you all just bear with me while I get through this. I just have a few questions, and if anyone could help me out, I would really...
  18. D

    CES 2018; Yuneec 3 announces: Typhoon H Plus, Firebird FPV airplane and HD racer drones

    ****MODERATOR NOTE**** Be advised, if you had a post that is the same as another users post, it is being removed to clean up this thread as it is a merging of multiple threads that were posted and now merged. This post was accidentally moved and merged along with others. As it is the first...