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typhoon h plus

  1. danomite24

    A short clip

    Hello everyone, just wanted to say hello to everyone.
  2. Search & Rescue Skin

    Search & Rescue Skin

    Search & Rescue Skin/Wrap, Highly Reflective, Photoluminescent Vinyl, Extreme High Visibility, Improved VLOS, Improves Aircraft Orientation During Flight
  3. Typhoon H Reflective Skin

    Typhoon H Reflective Skin

    Yuneec Skins - Custom Typhoon H Skin/Wrap using Photoluminescent Reflective Vinyl Decals, Yuneec Skins makes the "Best Fitting, "Best Looking Typhoon H Skins...
  4. danomite24

    H Plus for a promotional video!

    Hey Guys Just Finish a promotional video for a Camp Site. I believe it turn out beautifully. I still have a lot of film left. So i should have a video soon of just aerial shoots
  5. burnski

    ST16S after android reset no yuneec software on it, Typhoon h plus

    Hallo, but andriod don't chance the user Adress i start the Reset options on my controller. after reset, the yuneec software is not used by autostart and i dont find it in directory. what can i do? i dont find Softeware on the yuneec website for my typhoon h plus!
  6. Seerabike

    Fatal malfunction

    I know there are so many questions around what I'm about to say; but I'll throw it out there anyway. At 7:30 in the evening in Tennessee, USA, I took my Typhoon H Plus it to show a friend his neighborhood. Powered on st16, powered on unit, lifted off, raise landing gear, tested gimbal, hovered...
  7. DarienR1

    A Few Questions....

    Hello everyone, it's nice to be a part of the community. Disclaimer: I am a noob and just started flying. I may be asking super amateur questions but I ask that you all just bear with me while I get through this. I just have a few questions, and if anyone could help me out, I would really...
  8. Peggy

    How to find the hidden menu on the Typhoon H Plus

    This video explains how to get to the secret hidden menu on the H Plus to calibrate the Gyro and Accelerometer sensors
  9. D

    CES 2018; Yuneec 3 announces: Typhoon H Plus, Firebird FPV airplane and HD racer drones

    ****MODERATOR NOTE**** Be advised, if you had a post that is the same as another users post, it is being removed to clean up this thread as it is a merging of multiple threads that were posted and now merged. This post was accidentally moved and merged along with others. As it is the first...