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  1. danomite24

    A short clip

    Hello everyone, just wanted to say hello to everyone.
  2. T

    Yuneec PGL Drones Meeting

    28 April from 11 am a drone day at PGL Drone Techniek. Of course again with nice drinks, snacks and pleasant knowledge exchange. The bulb fields are then in full bloom and you can take beautiful photos and videos, and of course enjoy flying! Everyone(Yuneec Drones) is very welcome at PGL...
  3. Z

    Bahía Concha, Santa Marta, Colombia

    Hi everybody, Enjoy a video compilation of Bahía Concha, Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia. Taken with the Typhoon H Pro. Visit Bahía Concha: Bahía Concha in Google Maps You can follow me as @zoomhummer in Instagram, Youtube, Twitter...
  4. mbernholdt

    Gunderslevholm Manor

    My latest commercial project is finally released by our client for sharing. The film is a presentation and invitation to clients and interested to come to visit the manor and see the beautiful renovation the farm buildings have undergone in the past years. Unfortunately, the speaker is in...
  5. S

    3D mapping with realsense

    This may not be possible, but has anyone delved into the possibilities of the realsense technology? My concern here is, where does the 3D "map" that the software uses, go? Does it stay stored, for possible near future use, or does it just dump after the flight? I'm looking at using this for...
  6. J

    Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K Full Kit With Extras For Sale

    Looking to sell my Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K kit that comes with the following: Hardshell Transport Case 4 Original Yuneec Batteries 2 Sets of Yuneec Props Handheld SteadyGrip Battery Charger Personal Ground Station with built-in touchscreen and of course the drone This is the whole package, I...
  7. ShawnIde

    H520 Mapping on the Yuneec Typhoon Plus

    Hey guys! I am ordering my Yuneec Typhoon H Plus tomorrow and I was wondering if the mapping software on the H250 will be available on the Typhoon H Plus. I know that the body styles are the same... Not sure about the internals. And the Controllers are identical (different firmware). I would...
  8. Big Dog

    New video: Typhoon H over St Mary Of Sorrows

    St Mary Of Sorrows is a historic church in Fairfax, Va. it is famous as the place where Clara Barton tended to wounded soldiers during our Civil War. Beautiful place.
  9. Jhen19

    Cases for the H

    Has anyone else improvised with their case situation? My Typhoon came in the box, so I really wanted to get my investment into something a bit more robust. I revived an old Pelican 1650, cut the foam accordingly (removed some from the top too, due to clearance issues), and saved the hard foam...
  10. Y

    Ground luminosity

    Summer flights. Moskva river. RF. Typhoon h pro. road to Moscow landscape by Yuri Kriushev posted Jul 2, 2018 at 9:52 AM
  11. M

    CGO 3 not tilting

    I took my Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K for a fly yesterday for the first time. Everything works great. The only thing is camera was not tilting. When I was using the ST10 remote button for tilting, I could hear the beep from the remote but no tilting in the camera. I took off the camera and attached...
  12. W

    1st flight attempt - Major Mistake!

    Read the official manual - check Read the MUCH BETTER community manual - check Watch a bunch of official videos on first time flight and setup - check Wait for 15 minutes for first time GPS satellite acquisition - check Do the initial compass and accelerometer calibrations - check...
  13. W

    Instructions to remove the CGO3 from my new Typhoon H

    I was instructed by one of the guru's here to remove my camera for my first few flights in case I have an "uh oh" moment, there by saving damage on the most expensive part. I realize the manual has absolutely no information on how to remove the camera and don't want to start to get creative and...
  14. Dronetto

    Typhoon H + GPC Hard Case

    Typhoon H with a GPC Hard Case. $1000 OBO I also have an additional GPC Hard casse for sale $200 + shipping or pick up. New open box, never been flown. Local pickup (Chatsworth, CA) or $50 to ship.
  15. J

    Typhoon H - Maintenance and Caracterization

    Hi everyone I´m new in this forum. I have a Typhoon H from three months ago. I´m in Spain and I´m dron official operator, but with the new law about drons in Spain the operators need a maintenance manual and a caracterization document. I contacted with Yuneec Europe but they said that don't...
  16. Magic

    Typhoon H - 920 Super Plus

    Hi guys! Hi pilots! I did not find a similar topic here, so I hasten to share joy! Now you do not need third-party programs like the UAV Toolbox or CCC editor...! We look first - I'll do a full video review later, this is a review of my friend. Now with words - How to do this? 1. Insert...
  17. A

    H and a mass of other kit for sale - must go!!!

    If this is posted incorrectly please let me know. My H plus a whole heap of other related kit is for sale and can be viewed here. TYPHOON H PRO PLUS MASS OF RELATED GEAR | in Axminster, Devon | Gumtree Price on the add should now read £950.00 as I'm afraid it must go. Everything in tip top...
  18. Breizhdrone

    Typhoon H480 Upgrade and new C23 camera

    Hi, A good news from Yuneec, Yuneec Europe and UK annonce that new C23 camera sell with Typhoon H Plus fit with old H480 copter ! At what price is the next question ? Some talk about US $ 900.00 Owners who decide to upgrade their Typhoon H will be rewarded with improved residual light...
  19. trailrunnerx

    Another River Video

    So the day prior to the video I posted I had gone and taken another at the same location, after the comment about having the horizon visible I decided to post this one as well, I thought it was crap but maybe it's a bit more compelling, I do love the shot of the bridge in the distance.