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  1. J

    Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K Full Kit With Extras For Sale

    Looking to sell my Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K kit that comes with the following: Hardshell Transport Case 4 Original Yuneec Batteries 2 Sets of Yuneec Props Handheld SteadyGrip Battery Charger Personal Ground Station with built-in touchscreen and of course the drone This is the whole package, I...
  2. ShawnIde

    H520 Mapping on the Yuneec Typhoon Plus

    Hey guys! I am ordering my Yuneec Typhoon H Plus tomorrow and I was wondering if the mapping software on the H250 will be available on the Typhoon H Plus. I know that the body styles are the same... Not sure about the internals. And the Controllers are identical (different firmware). I would...
  3. Big Dog

    New video: Typhoon H over St Mary Of Sorrows

    St Mary Of Sorrows is a historic church in Fairfax, Va. it is famous as the place where Clara Barton tended to wounded soldiers during our Civil War. Beautiful place.
  4. Jhen19

    Cases for the H

    Has anyone else improvised with their case situation? My Typhoon came in the box, so I really wanted to get my investment into something a bit more robust. I revived an old Pelican 1650, cut the foam accordingly (removed some from the top too, due to clearance issues), and saved the hard foam...
  5. Y

    Ground luminosity

    Summer flights. Moskva river. RF. Typhoon h pro. road to Moscow landscape by Yuri Kriushev posted Jul 2, 2018 at 9:52 AM
  6. M

    CGO 3 not tilting

    I took my Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K for a fly yesterday for the first time. Everything works great. The only thing is camera was not tilting. When I was using the ST10 remote button for tilting, I could hear the beep from the remote but no tilting in the camera. I took off the camera and attached...
  7. W

    1st flight attempt - Major Mistake!

    Read the official manual - check Read the MUCH BETTER community manual - check Watch a bunch of official videos on first time flight and setup - check Wait for 15 minutes for first time GPS satellite acquisition - check Do the initial compass and accelerometer calibrations - check...
  8. W

    Instructions to remove the CGO3 from my new Typhoon H

    I was instructed by one of the guru's here to remove my camera for my first few flights in case I have an "uh oh" moment, there by saving damage on the most expensive part. I realize the manual has absolutely no information on how to remove the camera and don't want to start to get creative and...
  9. Dronetto

    Typhoon H + GPC Hard Case

    Typhoon H with a GPC Hard Case. $1000 OBO I also have an additional GPC Hard casse for sale $200 + shipping or pick up. New open box, never been flown. Local pickup (Chatsworth, CA) or $50 to ship.
  10. J

    Typhoon H - Maintenance and Caracterization

    Hi everyone I´m new in this forum. I have a Typhoon H from three months ago. I´m in Spain and I´m dron official operator, but with the new law about drons in Spain the operators need a maintenance manual and a caracterization document. I contacted with Yuneec Europe but they said that don't...
  11. Magic

    Typhoon H - 920 Super Plus

    Hi guys! Hi pilots! I did not find a similar topic here, so I hasten to share joy! Now you do not need third-party programs like the UAV Toolbox or CCC editor...! We look first - I'll do a full video review later, this is a review of my friend. Now with words - How to do this? 1. Insert...
  12. A

    H and a mass of other kit for sale - must go!!!

    If this is posted incorrectly please let me know. My H plus a whole heap of other related kit is for sale and can be viewed here. TYPHOON H PRO PLUS MASS OF RELATED GEAR | in Axminster, Devon | Gumtree Price on the add should now read £950.00 as I'm afraid it must go. Everything in tip top...
  13. Breizhdrone

    Typhoon H480 Upgrade and new C23 camera

    Hi, A good news from Yuneec, Yuneec Europe and UK annonce that new C23 camera sell with Typhoon H Plus fit with old H480 copter ! At what price is the next question ? Some talk about US $ 900.00 Owners who decide to upgrade their Typhoon H will be rewarded with improved residual light...
  14. trailrunnerx

    Another River Video

    So the day prior to the video I posted I had gone and taken another at the same location, after the comment about having the horizon visible I decided to post this one as well, I thought it was crap but maybe it's a bit more compelling, I do love the shot of the bridge in the distance.
  15. A

    New Typhoon H owner

    Hi all, Greetings from northern Virginia. I have been flying a DJI P4 at work for the past year; finally bought a drone for my own commercial use. B&H Photo Video had the Yuneec Typhoon H on sale, and so I was 'sold.' It arrived yesterday; batteries are charged and now I wait for some free time...
  16. theboss017

    Typhoon h & Q500 4k + extras FOR SALE!! Like New!!

    LIKE NEW!! View on Ebay here - Yuneec typhoon h and q500 4k LOT | eBay You can also email me at 017ruckus@gmail.com if you have any questions or if you would like to purchase. - I can give you a cheaper price because I will then not have to pay Ebay fees.
  17. Wingshooter

    Typhoon Q500 4k For Sale

    I have a Typhoon Q500 4k that I am selling. Bought in December 2015. Cannot really say how many flights but I can tell you it has never been crashed or damaged. There is nothing wrong with it. I am just moving up to a bigger bird and I am going to sell this one. I will accept PayPal from a...
  18. T

    1st Typhoon H Video

    Just made my first Typhoon H video a few weeks ago from a sunset flight at Priest Lake, ID. Love this drone! So easy and simple to fly.
  19. E

    Second 5 min video chunk wont play

    I've done a few flights with my new Typhoon H - all recording for about 8-9 min. So I usually get two .mp4 files. The first one always plays correctly but I usually get a Windows Media Player error on the second file: "Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support...