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  1. S

    Need firmware modified to fly above 8000ft witch my Typhoon G Please

    Hello! I'm living in Italy near the Alps. I always go to the mountains above 3000 meters above sea level , maximum 3800 meters. Can you send me the firmware that allows the motors to engage above 8,000 to follow up, because I want to make movies with my Typhoon G of all those beautiful places...
  2. Lauri Heinonen

    "Gimbal not available" - not working at all.

    Title says it all. While trying to Orbit or Journey, ST16 notifies me that the "Gimbal not available" and refuses to do a thing. Panning wont work, Tilting either, I can't actually control the camera's movements BUT! It will record video, and take pictures, and gimbal is kinda working...
  3. M

    Recovering a corrupt video file

    Hi all, I went out flying my H this morning, a fisherman came along and told me to clear off because "I was scaring away his fish". In the heat of the moment (great song) I forgot to stop my video recording before powering down the H, I know I got some great footage but the file is now corrupt...
  4. N

    Why I returned my Typhoon H!

    First off, I am not here to talk bad about Yuneec or say that people shouldn't buy the Typhoon H, I am just explaining the reasons I returned it. Like many others, I pre-ordered the Typhoon H and could not wait to get it. Sadly the first one I got a big time camera issues and it took a month to...
  5. M

    blurry footage from typhoon camera

    Hi, I've just bought the typhoon and I've imported some clips from the sd card but I've seen that the camera produces a blurry effect on the left side of the image as you can see in the attached still frame. I've recorded in 4k but I've this problem also using other formats. I would like to ask...
  6. HeikkiH

    Early morning flying

    It was 5:30am and I was thinking that early worm catch the fish. It sure was nice but next time I will be earlier on the spot. Hope you like edit and always love to get some pointers for the future. Thx and enjoy And rest of my videos at my YouTube channel Heikki Härkänen
  7. S

    Degree of Accuracy to H's Object Detection

    As I've crashed once already, but out of carelessness and not from ramming into something. Though the detection mode was off, so maybe it could have been prevented. Anyway... I'm new to the UV crash detection, so it is it far enough out (or adjustable) so that it will read directly off the...
  8. M

    No RC connection after firmware update!

    Hi, I've just updated my st16 and the typhoon with the new firmware, but now my controller doesn't recognize the typhoon. It find and connect the camera but no rc connection. The rear LED flashes about 7 times blue and 2 times yellow and every 10 seconds (more or less) emit a beep . Please can...
  9. A

    First time out with the h

    This is my first time out with the H to try it out and I love it. A bit of video footage from yesterday, excuse the editing has i haven't used adobe premiere for years so it can only get better.

    How to hand catch your Typhoon - learn the skill.

    Just in case you've always wanted to hand catch your Typhoon H but were a bit unsure of the process, here is a video.
  11. 0ldsc00ld0g

    CG03+ on H starts level then...

    My H's CG03+ camera is acting funny since day one. I have calibrated GPS, accelerometer and camera a few times. Works fine for about 5min then starts to go off level but not in one direction. If I land power down the H then power back up it works fine normally for the rest if the flight. See...
  12. Chris McMillan

    Anyone tried this idea when flying?

    Been reading a lot of posts re battery life and flying time. I thought it would be a good idea for some sort of timer that reminds you (with announcements) at various intervals of how long you've been airborne. I know you can look at the screen for voltages etc, but sometimes a backup system is...
  13. Chris McMillan

    Is there a phone problem with UAV's?

    I plan on using my iPhone 6 as a camera to get footage of the Typhoon H taking off and landing. There seems to be a couple of posts indicating that mobile/cell phones are a problem and affect the Radio Control. Anyo
  14. J

    Bad battery or charger? please help!

    So I received my Typhoon H early this morning today and unfortunately either my battery or charger is defective. When I plug the battery in to the dock nothing happens the green flashing light keeps flashing green but some times it beeps with a blue flashing light. Has anyone had this issue...
  15. I

    Silver wire protruding from landing gear -- Is this normal?

    Hey everyone. I was wondering if the silver wire hanging out of the landing gear area (pictured) is normal -- If it is, I'm guessing it might be an antenna? -- Or if this is a defect with my unit. I can't seem to find photos online of anyone else's Typhoon where this is visable. Does...
  16. Laura Turbeville

    Typhoon H IN STOCK -- Free Shipping!

    Hey Fellow Yuneec Pilots! We have Typhoon H's with Free Wizards in stock and ready to ship! Our last shipment sold out in less than 24 hours, so get yours quick! www.coptersource.com
  17. Chris McMillan

    Competition for "The Kitchen Table" at last

    Yuneec, are you there?, This is what happens when people have got far too much time on their collective hands, due to non arrival of certain items. "OK my friend Simon, you've had it too easy for too long..... I've think you should have some competition to keep you sharp. But that desire has...
  18. D

    Abandoned Industrial Site in Louisville, KY (Typhoon 4K)

    Took my 4k out for some exploring at an abandoned industrial site in Kentucky. This was my first time really flying with the intent to shoot video, so I'm looking for C&C on my technique and editing. All footage was shot with the CGO3, either on the quad or with the hand-held unit. Enjoy!
  19. OregonDrone

    Fred's Tips

    Hello everyone! I thought I'd start a thread to help all those just getting started. Many of these tips can be applied to your other video/photography also. So here we go... Tip #1 - Light is everything! All the photos and video you take are dependent on some sort of light source. When I think...
  20. Chris McMillan

    More info on the Typhoon H

    If you haven't already checked it out, head over to Facebook and search for Yuneec, you get a choice of Yuneec FPV & The Yuneec Typhoon H Owners Group. Lots of video links.... New clips and pix arriving now!