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uav toolbox

  1. johnnyb57

    UAV toolbox

    Can anyone tell me how to use this app for the plus ? Do I plug the controller into my computer ? Then what ?
  2. OnTheRopes

    ST16 blocked for apps? UAV Toolbox

    I am trying to install UAV toolbox and follow the install procedure, d/l the file and click on it. I then get the message "Install blocked - For security your tablet is set to block installation from unknown sources." In settings I have unchecked Unknown sources but I still cannot install Any...
  3. DroneCalzone

    Any way to get current copter position displayed live on a map?

    Hello! I'm preparing for a BVLOS training and exams and I'd like to use my H to get certified. For that I will need to have the possibility of planning a route and displaying my current position on a map. Current heading would also be very useful (along with altitude, but that is already easily...
  4. Droney Maroney

    "UAV Toolbox" for Q500

    Does anyone know if there is a "UAV Toolbox" for Q500?
  5. M

    UAV toolbox mission emergency terminate

    Hi all, In a mission created in UAV toolbox can you 'dump' the mission for manual flight if it looks like going tits up, i.e. heading for trees? If so how, is it just stick input? Thank you Mark.
  6. B

    ST-16 Android issue?

    Can one of you smart guys help? I haven't seen any other threads related to my problem. My my TH and ST-16 recently returned from a post-crash repair. I was anxious to install the UAV Toolbox app which continues to get positive reviews in this forum. Unfortunately, despite following the...
  7. A

    eegalmc2.com CCC Editor comments?

    Hello everyone! I'm just an Average Joe who is new to the TH Pro w/RS & your community but not to RC or technology. I am a system and Internetwork Administrator - I learn fast and hope to be able to contribute along with you all. I was wondering if anyone has experience using CCC editor for...