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Battery Charging and the ‘H’ in General

Apr 25, 2016
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Newquay - Cornwall - UK
As soon as I got my ‘H’, about 2 months ago, I rapidly decided I was not prepared to wait 5 Hours for 2x Batteries to charge. I pulled the Connector out of the Yuneec Charger and made a quick charge lead. I have always charged my Batteries using this lead. I have done over 170 Flights so far using 2x Batteries, with NO Battery Fade (Yet). The Batteries seem as strong as ever.

I always Land my ‘H’ when I see ‘14.7 ~ 14.6’ Volts on the ST16. I have never had a ‘Low Battery Warning’. The Batteries usually take 3700~4000ma and about 50 minutes to charge. I have tried different Charge rates, from 1C upto 3C. All work fine. I have found that if you charge the Battery Faster (3C) it takes much longer for the Charger to ‘Balance the Cells’, so there is no real time advantage by Charging at 3C.

I use the ‘Ming’ Video Antenna for Long Range Flights (upto 3000 feet) and the standard ‘Mushroom’ Antenna for Short Range Flights (upto 1000 Feet). Everything works Great and as it should. No complaints about Video or Stills Quality. I love my ‘H’ and im out every day with it - No Problems and it Looks Fantastic in the Sky.
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