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Battery options for Mantis Q

Dec 6, 2023
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Southwest Missouri
I recently purchased a basically new unused Mantis Q for $25. The original Mantis Q battery is starting to puff up. It still works but has reduced capacity. Has anyone come up with a successful work around for the battery? I would like to be able to use regular rc lipo battery.
The Mantis series uses 3S LiHV battery packs charged to 4.4V/cell. Use of an aftermarket charger will allow you to charge to the standard 4.35V/cell and extend the useful life of the batteries.
If you need new batteries... the original ones are no longer manufactured, you can find them at GifiPower eine sehr gute Alternative.

I saw those and the reviews were mixed. I figured worse case I can go with those. Have you used the Gifi batteries? I was hoping to be able to use regular RC batteries. I figured someone had devised a way to convert one of these.
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I have GifiPower batteries in my range for all older Yuneec drones, these batteries are in no way inferior to the original batteries... In fact, they are even better.
Usually the capacity is higher and the price lower... visually the original Mantis batteries may be prettier :)
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Hi, fellas,

My phone apps for my mantis q are gone and I dont see the app in the phone stores. Any suggestions? I also have the need for new batteries
New batteries are available from GifiPower. They even have a little more power.

The app is available in the Apple Store.
For Android smartphones, you can find the download link here:


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