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bird no.3 goes back to service

May 20, 2016
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after try all what's possible there are still issues.

-copter loose telemetry after 80m
-copter need long time to connect (eu soft)
-copter can't fly slowly
-cam loose connections by landing gear
-cam gets unsharp with 48/50/60 frames

they say updates are coming but we will do a replacement, normally 50/60 frames sharp

so I hope i get the updated version with 3antennas and outside antennas on the copter... and he asked me which len I have ? the actually have 98degrees and is better ...so I hope that all will get fixed

by the way I have had a look on a typhoon h update (eu soft), it have deleted the extrem move blur you get at low light... much better now, no ghost shines from objects which moves in pics.

RTH height comes in next update and some other new functions I don't known yet. the other good news is that the ST10+ will be able to used as second controller soon with updates... that's a reason to stay and give a last try to fix the problem. because a hexacopter , 4K, 360degree cam, two person flight ...that's a reason to stay for that low price...

if the problems not get fixed...I do upgrade to inspire
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