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Typhoon H Pro won't bind to ST16

You are a genius my friend. Followed your advice again (wise choice !) and it worked !!! Just came in from a test flight and so far...so good. After I swapped flight controllers, I recalibrated all. Was able to get GPS and start motors. Time for a test flight ! Took it out back and went up about 30 ft. There is about a 15 mph wind now where I am in Michigan and the H held steady. At first the landing gear would not go up, but after several flips of the switch they did work. The OAS still shows as unavailable; I have Realsense installed, but have never been brave enough to aim for a tree or building on purpose to test. Question: If Realsense is installed, does it replace the OAS (hence unavailable) or do OAS & Realsense work together?? Do you have any suggestions to safely test each system ?

Bye the way...you have saved me a lot of time, frustration, and money. I think the least I can do is buy you a nice steak dinner (or similar if you prefer something else). If you have my email, send me the name of a steakhouse near you so I can send you a gift card. Will also need address to send to. May have to wait to use if restaurants are closed by you like here. Please advise.
Thanks !! Dave
For the RealSense turn on the ST16, go to System Settings, Other Settings and insure that RealSense is selected.

The RealSense and the Sonar sensors work together. The OAS will not activate until you are about 5 meters above launch. When you are in Angle mode it will stop you about 15 feet from an obstacle. You need to back up and navigate around obstacles. With RealSense enabled and RTH on, the TH will return to a position about 8 meters in a direct line from the position of the ST16.

To test the RealSense turn on the ST16 and the aircraft. After they bind you should see a distance display on the video feed.
If you get this (OAS does not have to be enabled to see the distance meter) then you can test it outdoors. Fly in Angle mode and once you are above 5 meters turn on the OAS (switch in full down position). You should see Obstacle Avoidance enabled. If you do, slowly approach an obstacle. The aircraft should stop and refuse to do anything other than back up. As I remember it also gives an audible alert on the ST16. I haven’t used it in a long time.
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I swapped Flight Control Module as you suggested and that did resolve the remaining issues. So...what about the other flight controller? Is it any good? When it was installed, I was able to get telemetry, But, no GPS. Can this flight controller still be usable...or...is it junk?

PS: Took another short flight....went up about 60 ft and all was well. also tested RTH and it also worked as it should. If we can catch a warm day, would like to try out my Goggles, which I have never used. Also may really get wild and tryout the Wizard Wand, also never used. Wish me luck...will probably need some. Thx again for all you do to help the community !!
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BTW... I did ensure that Realsense was enabled as you showed with pic.
Also, I did see distance meter for OAS once I reached higher altitude. Everything seems to be functioning as it shoud...at least so far...lol
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Hello All
Happy to report that my drone seems to be working like new !
Wow, the guys really helped you out. These guys are on their game when it comes to these drones. I read your story and got sucked in, your perseverance paid off. I read a lot of the stories but they never tell if the problem was fixed or not. Your story had a HAPPY! ending. Good luck on flying your drone.
Oops. Should have said "GPS acquisition problems that occur under good conditions" I assume you were outdoors with a clear view of the sky?
Just took another look at this thread. Thought I had replied and reported that everything appears to be working properly on both of my TH's. Thanks again to all who contributed. Next time I will be more careful to spell "Typhoon" correctly, not like my original title.?
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Next time I will be more careful to spell "Typhoon" correctly, not like my original title.
A little editing magic and typos go bye bye.

Glad that all is working well.

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