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Blurred Photos....

Unfortunately I believe that is common with the cgo3. There is a filter that covers the lens; make sure it's clean.
I have the exact same problem with my CGO2 camera and it's a known, common problem at Yuneec, especially with one of their earlier batches of the product when the Q500+ first came out - the problem is with how the lens is placed over the sensor (chip), it was manufactured a little off which is causing this blur which is in the exact same place for all affected cameras. Unfortunately, Yuneec refuses to acknowledge this problem any longer. I noticed the problem a few weeks after purchasing my first Q500+ back in April 2015. The person that I was working with (and promised to help me get this simple known problem resolved) is no longer with the company and all notes on my account with Yuneec have mysteriously disappeared. Being a photographer and needing clear, crisp photos to print, I ended up having to purchase a CGO3 camera.

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