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Cable Cam Mode - variable speed ?

May 12, 2016
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Cannot seem to locate any good instructions on controlling the speed during flight during the cable cam mode.. The most common speed is around 10-11 mph . Sometimes I can get it to go around 2 mph and sometimes around 7 mph by pulling the stick backward or forward for whatever direction your taking. Cant seem to figure out the sequence of stick movement to vary the speed you want ???
If I hit forward on the left stick repeatedly it seems to increase speed, but I don't know if it's the length of time the stick is pushed forward, the degree it's pushed forward or the number of times. Anyone have time to do a test?
Finally believe I have the secret to cable cam and varying the speed after flying 3 more packs this evening. After you set your waypoints try these steps.

1. once you get to your 1st point and push the left stick forward (away from you ) to get it started on its path it always seems to go 10-11mph in that direction .

2. Now if you want to slow it down tap the left stick back (toward you) Very Very quickly ALL the way back and letting the stick return to the middle without pausing.
Each time you do this it will slow down about 1 to 2 mph intervals. Keep doing this until you achieve your desired speed.

3. To speed up again to a desired speed reverse this process by tapping the stick briefly the opposite direction. If you want to resume speed right back to the 10-11mph just hold the stick forward a second or two.

4. At any time you hold the stick to long back towards you she will reverse direction. You can use this same process from step 3 to slow her down in the reverse direction but
the stick movement t will be the opposite direction. You must now tap the stick forward to slow her
down. If you hold the stick to long from center she will go in the opposite direction again.

Another thing I have noticed once you get to your last waypoint and she stops you can go backwards on thru each waypoint by pulling back on the left stick.

Once she gets back to route 1 again in reverse direction and stops you can again go forward again by holding the stick forward .

You can go forward and back anytime during the route by holding the stick off from center for a brief moment in the direction you want to go.

Well I hope I have not confused you all but have spent about the last ten flights trying to varying the speed and this is what I have come up with, turtle -rabbit-smart-angle
modes seem to have no changing affects to above mentioned.


please try it out and post anything new.
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