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Camera Overheating?

Sep 5, 2016
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Got a CGO3. Purchased the Typhoon Q500 4k about two weeks ago. Been having repeated issues with the camera disconecting after about a minute of flight in different locations. I then have issues reconnecting the camera, need to power both the drone and then controller down and then power them both up again.

After the first time this issue happened, I tried binding the camera to the controller. This worked and gave me about five minutes of flight before I would loose connection again (figured it was a distance thing).

Two days ago, 30 degree celsius (86F) temperatures with a high humidity, I attempted four flights. All four times camera would disconnect short of two minutes and would show a solid blue LED (solid blue not in the manual). Trying to reconnect I would get a Camera Initialization Failure.

Figured I would troubleshoot today. Attached the CGO3 to the grip. Recording lasted about 2.5 minutes before the image on my Samsung S5 froze and the camera presented with a blue LED. The fan of the camera could be heard but lots of heat coming from the rear vents (is this normal?). Pan/tilt fuctions on the gimble were still working.

Anyone got any ideas what may be the issue? I'm asuming it is the camera overheating but have no experience with the camera nor do I know if the heat coming from the device is normal or not. You think I should contact Yuneec and get warranty (pain in the rear for Canadians)?
Oct 11, 2015
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I had to replace my CGO3 for the same issue. It would run for about 2-3 minutes and shut down. You could not hear the fan till the camera died and the blue light came on. I figured it was a heat issue so I tried putting the camera in the freezer for about 5 minutes. The *** thing ran for 10 minutes and then finally heated up then it shut down again. I know my fan was ok as it would run with power to it from a separate source so I figure the IMU in the camera was toast. Must be a heat sensor on that board that went bad. I was able to get a new one from ebay for 240 US. Works perfect again.......knock on wood :)

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