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May 24, 2024
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I have A Q 500 plus that had CGO2 camera. The camera was broke The camera video did work but it just would not pan so I bought CG03 4K camera. And now it will not Connect video. I can connect the camera and the camera work, but I get no video feed. Is there something I'm not doing?I've bounded unbounded bounded unbounded.I've tried pretty much Tried every thing I know. any suggestions
......I've tried pretty much Tried every thing I know. any suggestions
This end result can come from more than one issue. Without knowing exactly what you are seeing and what you are not seeing, it would be difficult to diagnose. The best way to at least identify the specific problem would be to run the binding diagnostic.

The verification is not just "binding instructions". It is a verification of the MANY hidden clues in the binding process. The purpose is to identify abnormal conditions that are preventing a successful bind and to identify the exact point the binding process is failing. That information can assist in determining the best course to remedy the problem.
You will need to perform every step up to the point the verification does not match what you see. Do not skip any steps. Every step must be performed. Even the steps you have no doubt are already in the correct condition. After some preparation steps, the verification falls into a routine of directing an action, then verifying the correct response to the action. When you reach a verification step that does not match what you see, or if you are unsure if it matches, STOP. Report the step number back to the forum, and what you actually saw at that step. We can then go from there.

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