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Can anybody provide a 2019 update on mission planning apps for Typhoon H/ST16?

Dec 29, 2018
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Richmond, VA

I've kept my Typhoon Hs because I like them and the CGO-ET appears to be the least-cost compromise for a thermal camera, which I just got. I've been flying DJI Inspires and Mavics with 3rd party apps DroneDeploy and Litchi and have been scouring the forums for something like them for the Typhoon H.

I bought UAVToolBox and have figured out how to use it, am still working with it to use it better. I'm delighted to see the author has been posting fairly recently and has explained some of the limitations he's faced with the lack of Yuneec APIs and SDK, and I understand that a 'CCC Editor' is his only interface with the Typhoon, and if it's the best there is I can work with it for what I need to do.

Two other apps got my attention:

HPLan: I've also put some time with HPlan aka Flight Planner H and I like it's web interface a lot better than working on a 7" monitor and it looks like I got a valid CCC file I may be able to use on my Typhoon. I really like the way it does Points of Interest and aims the camera at them in Waypoints. But, the app appears buggy, some key buttons like Clear and Settings don't work, and I'm kinda afraid of flying the mission I've drawn with it.

Is HPLan/Flight Planner H still a real thing? It looks like at least a few people are working with it, but there are not any recent posts, looks like the developer may have left the site up but has abandoned it a year or so back?

CCC Editor/Videoceil: This looks promising and it appears the developer is still working at it? I haven't figured out how to use it yet, but with any encouragement would give it a try. Is Videoceil useful and worth learning? How are they getting any revenue from it? If I can use it I'd like to support it.

Have I missed some other options for mission planning for an H? It looks like there are more options for an H520, which apparently has a different software architecture and has DataPilot and Pix4D available for it. But, these won't be available for the plain H?

Any informed opinions about mission planning apps for Typhoon H would be appreciated. Why are these developers giving the stuff away or asking for donations? UAVToolBox is very inexpensive and I'm pleased to have paid for it, would pay more or consider a subscription if it had the web interface the developer's mentioned a year or so back. I pay $800+ a year for DroneDeploy and $20 to $100 to get a RoofReport. I'm amazed that Litchi does all they do for a one-time, low, purchase price.

There's a lot of apps, including mission planning and mapping, for DJI, who I guess has maybe 10X more users than Yuneec where DJI has 75% of the market and Yuneec has maybe a third of the other 25%.

Is the user base for Typhoon H big enough to keep UAVToolBox developing and encourage others?

Thanks for your attention to this, any discussion will be appreciated. I like my Typhoon Hs, especially with the CGO-ET for low-light & thermal imaging and LUME Cube headlights, and would like to do more with them...

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